ADHD Brain Training to Reach Your Full Potential

Exclusively with Dr. Trish Leigh

Do you want to transform your life to succeed?

Time to Thrive with Proven Techniques and Strategies Built on Neuroscience

Improve Focus and Stress. Get More Done in Less Time.

This isn’t your averaging coaching program, this is brain science. 

ADHD Starts in your Brain and Ends by Re-Wiring your Brain.

ADHD is proven to be a neurodevelopmental challenge. This means that it is caused by an irregular brain performance pattern. When that pattern is optimized, the ADHD brain pattern is diminished. Dr. Trish Leigh uses high tech., state-of-the-art, tools to un-wire the ADHD pattern and re-wire your brain with the optimal brain pattern for calm-focus. When your brain performs better, so do you. This is how you can transform your life and succeed with long-lasting results. 

Once you have had a brain profile evaluation, that can be done at home, you will understand what you need to succeed at new levels. Then, you can begin brain training at home with my specialized coaching based on your brain, behaviors, and your goals. I can help you succeed faster, easier, and in a fun and engaging manner. Working on your goals gives you purpose and fulfillment.

Stop running in circles, start moving forward.

“Desire, When Harnessed, Is Power.”

Let’s Work Together.

At Home ADHD Brain Performance Evaluation.

I, Dr. Trish Leigh, will personally evaluate your current brain performance pattern using your brain sensing headband, a sensor on multiple locations, and a highly specialized application. Dr. Leigh will identify how and where in your brain the ADHD brain pattern is impacting your behavior. If you want to learn all about what this brain profile will show you, watch my YouTube playlist about it HERE. This way, together as a team, we can discover how your brain and life can be improved.

We will also evaluate your Real-time EEG, Heart Rate, Breathing, Movement, and Sleep Efficiency. You will complete your Enneagram Personality Test so that we can discern how your brain is impacting your body and mind. This powerful assessment will provide insight into how I can best help you reach your goals.

ADHD Neuro Coaching with Dr. Trish Leigh.

Once enrolled in the coaching program, we will establish your goals, identify road blocks to achieving them, and then use powerful strategies to move forward. We will investigate your past experiences and how they impact your brain and behavior today. Then we will deconstruct your thoughts, actions, routines, and habits to to re-wire your brain using your mind and body. 

Weekly, I will give you very specific strategies, techniques, and methods for change based on neuroscience. We will identify action steps for you to continue to make progress. Neuro Coaching can be the difference-maker between continuing to go around and around in circles vs. having the strength to move forward and accomplish your heart’s desire. Being on purpose your brain will continue to re-wire itself for permanent change. With my help, you can set and reach your goals.  

ADHD Brain Training & Coaching with Dr. Trish Leigh.

Using a specialized Home Neurofeedback platform, I can help you to un-wire the brain pattern that is causing your challenges and re-wire your brain for optimal performance of calm, focused joy. We will work together, personally and individually, to train your brain, mind, and body to reach your goals. Unlimited sessions of Home Neurofeedback with your phone or tablet will make it easier for you to shift your brain out of the old, negative pattern and into the new, better one. The best part is you can watch YouTube videos for easy, enjoyable sessions. Personal guidance from me, Dr. Trish Leigh, will cultivate your success. 

We will review your progress graphs and charts produced by the Home Neurofeedback system every other week. That way, I can show you how your brain is improving and to help you to feel and perform better. Data-driven progress tracking with visually measurable brain changes will keep you motivated and inspired.

Using your graphs I can show you when your brain has hard-wired itself into the optimal performance pattern for lasting sustainable change. 

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ADHD Brain Profile Evaluation 

This evaluation is performed at home and the results are shared with me, Dr. Trish Leigh, via highly specialized on-line platform. Your Brain Performance Assessment will explore how your brain is working to improve your focus and stress. We will determine what your brain needs to feel calm, relaxed, and focused.

  • EEG (Electroencephalogram) Brain Performance Profile
  • Full Potential Goals Assessment

NOTE:  To complete your brain performance assessment, and engage in brain training, you will be prompted to order your own brain sensing headband directly from the manufacturer. When you sign up for your evaluation you will receive a link for an exclusive 15% discount. The investment for the headband is ~$212 after the discount. It is worth every cent and I will teach you how to use it long-term. 

This is how it works. It is an easy three-step process:

Step 1. Complete the Brain Performance Assessment.

You will perform your individualized brain performance assessment, at home, using high tech. Brain Sensing headband equipment. It will take you 28 minutes to complete the brain evaluation and my team will provide you with all the support you need. Once completed, the results are displayed immediately in your specialized app and made available to me, Dr. Trish Leigh, through an on-line platform. I will review the findings with you at length so you understand exactly how your brain performance pattern is impacting how you feel and behave.

Step 2. Expert Analysis and Interpretation

Dr. Trish Leigh takes her time and intentionally analyzes and interprets the findings of your Brain Performance assessments. I will use the information to create your Home Brain Training and Coaching Plan. With goals in hand, you will be ready to shift your brain and life to higher plains. You can be calm, focused, and on purpose. 

Step 3. Brain Performance Assessment Results

In a 50-minute video conference, I, Dr. Trish Leigh will review the findings of all your brain assessments and interpret them for you. This step is usually mind-blowing for people. You can see your brain performance pattern with your own eyes. It will help you understand how your brain is performing and creating the struggles and challenges you are experiencing. You will know exactly what your brain needs to work better for you to feel and perform better. 

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It is $29 and worth every cent. 

Find out what you need to feel and perform better. 

Coaching with Dr. Trish Leigh

ADHD Neuro Coaching Program

Your program will be tailored to help you reach your specific goals. Using specific techniques and strategies derived from neuroscience, Dr. Leigh will help you get organized, stay focused, and be more productive with less effort. In this program you receive:

  • Three 30-Minute Coaching calls per month
  • Strategies, tools, techniques built on neuroscience
  • Personalized, individualized support from Dr. Trish Leigh

NOTES:  Your payment will be drafted each month on the day of the month that you sign up and will continue until you adjust the frequency or cancel with a 30-day notice. 

If you’d like to add brain training, you will be prompted to order your own brain sensing headband directly from the manufacturer. When you enroll in the coaching program you will receive a link for an exclusive 15% discount. The investment for the headband is ~$212 after the discount. It is worth every cent and I will teach you how to use it long-term. 

Included in your ADHD Neuro Coaching Program are:

Personal 1:1 Coaching with Dr. Trish Leigh

Dr. Leigh will meet with you virtually, by video conference, for 30 minutes, one time per week for 3 weeks each month. In these meetings, she will provide specific individualized strategies, tips, and techniques to help you accomplish your goals. The last week of each month is reserved for implementation. Dr. Leigh will use the information from your assessment and the data from your EEG (electroencephalogram) Neurofeedback Brain Training to inform you of your progress and areas of continual needed improvement. This information will help you move toward accomplishing your goals faster and easier while having a bit of fun doing it. 

A Neuro Coaching On-Line Course with Dr. Trish Leigh ($49 Value)

This course will provide you with the foundational tools to get you started toward reaching your Full Potential. The course is 5 modules. The first two modules teach you how your brain performs and what you can do to make it perform better for calm focus. Then, three modules provide tips, techniques, and strategies specifically for your brain type. You will be able to access this course indefinitely and use it as a long-term resource to stay well.

Using the incredibly interesting information from your personality type and goals assessment, Dr. Trish Leigh will give you specific exercises and activities to implement to become the best version of your personality type. 

Dr. Trish Leigh is highly trained in varied disciplines. Read more about Dr. Leigh’s credentials HERE.

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Home Brain Training and Coaching with Dr. Trish Leigh

ADHD Brain Training

This 4-Month program will help you un-wire the brain pattern that is keeping you down, re-wire a new, healthier brain pattern and hard-wire it in for lasting success. 
  • Unlimited brain training sessions for 4 Months 
  • 8 One-on-One Coaching Sessions with Dr. Trish Leigh
  • Proven strategies to create new routines, habits, and thoughts processes to make the changes that will help you succeed
  • Personalized plan to to create change in your life
  • Individual attention to re-wire your brain and life using neuroscience


NOTES:  This is a 4 month payment plan of $799 per month. It will be drafted on the day of the month that you signed up. If you are interested in continuing after 4 months, you receive an exclusive 40% discount to keep going. If you have any questions, reach out to Dr. Trish Leigh. I am always happy to answer.

Want to add another family member? No problem, there is a 40% coupon code in the course so that second or more family members are $499.50 per month. 

Included in your Home Brain Training Program are:

Unlimited Independent Brain Training Sessions

Using your highly effective, but incredibly easy to use equipment, you can train your own brain, at home, on a daily basis. Your training will be personalized and individualized by me, Dr. Trish Leigh. 

Brain Training using a specialized application has never been easier and more effective. You can watch YouTube videos, play games, or listen to music while you train your brain. The audio and video feedback will guide your brain into the new and better operating mode so you will feel and perform better. The app provides you training data so you can track your progress after every session. You will see the benefits with your own eyes.

1:1 Coaching with Dr. Trish Leigh

We will meet virtually, by video conference, for 30-minutes, every other week during your program. 

I can give you all the feedback you need on our brain performance by sharing your graphs and charts of progress with you. I can guide you in the direction of your full potential using specialized techniques and strategies built on neuroscience. Together, you can be successful. 

In addition to earning Brain Health Coaching certification, Dr. Trish Leigh has earned Ph.D. in Cognitive-Communicative Disorders and Sciences and a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership. She is trained and highly skilled at helping children and adults with ADHD. Read more about Dr. Leigh’s credentials HERE

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brain map interpretation

 Neuro Coaching Maintenance Program

Once you have completed your Personal Neuro Program you can continue to receive insight from Dr. Trish Leigh on your brain performance, along with tips, techniques, and strategies each month. I will review your brain performance data so I can keep my eye on your progress. 

Together, your brain and life can perform better forever.