Can You Masturbate Too Much?

You may want to know if you can masturbate too much. I know you might not want to know, because then you will have to do something about it, but…

Here’s the answer.

Yes, you absolutely can masturbate too much. 

Here’s why. 

There is science that shows that for men between the ages 20 and 30 if you masturbate frequently there is an increased risk of prostate cancer. Frequent is considered two to seven times a week. 


The study that was done by Polyxeni Dimitropoulou at the University of Nottingham* shows that during the 20s and 30s there is indeed an increased risk factor of prostate cancer over time. In this study what they did was they looked at 840 men in their 60s, half of which developed prostate cancer, half of which did not. Those who developed prostate cancer masturbated more when they were younger.   

Here is a cool finding that goes along with what I’m always sharing with you. They found that frequency of having healthy sex with a partner was not a factor, and in fact those people who had sex more when they were younger had healthier prostates when they were older. The group with no cancer had a lot of sex when they were younger instead of masturbating. In fact, you can masturbate too much because it taxes the prostate.  

I know many people say that they masturbate so they do not get prostate cancer. We know that one in eight men develop prostate cancer. We also know that six of those eight, develop prostate cancer in their 60s and it is associated with more masturbation when they were younger.  



If you’re older than 55 and have not developed chronic masturbation habit over your lifetime there’s good news for you. Masturbating more in your 50s and 60s can help ward off prostate cancer during those older years of your life. When your prostate could use more activity, so clearly there is a defining factor here that is underlying the findings of this study. One is that people who developed chronic masturbation when they were younger, had less healthy prostates. 

We know from science the brain is less healthy as well because the reward center is being desensitized and the frontal lobe being deactivated. People who were younger and had sex rather than masturbating developed healthy brains and prostates over their lifetime. As their sexuality decreases in those golden years, their prostates could use a boost later on. 

That is the real deal on masturbation and prostate cancer. 

It’s time to leave Chronic masturbation behind and get yourself a honey, build intimacy, heal your brain, and heal your prostate simultaneously. 

Because in fact you can masturbate too much. 

Link to Nottingham University Study

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