Do you want a longer penis?

In this blog post, I am going to quickly break down; what the average penis length is, why you might feel the need to increase the length of your penis, and does your partner or potential partner want you to have a larger penis. Then, I’ll share two fun facts at the end. Is penis length actually associated with the size of your foot? And, what makes women potentially want to cheat on their men because of their penis length?

What is normal?

What is the average penis length, how do you know if yours is small in the first place? The average penis length is between 4.7 to 6.3 inches with an average of 5.2. The way that we measure penis length would be to look at if it’s two standard deviations in either direction would be within normal limits. What that means is going down from 5.2 inches, you can go down to 2.9 inches. That is considered to be the low end of normal. Below that would be a penis that is actually small. First of all, think if your penis is below 2.9? If it’s not, it is indeed in the normal range of penile length. 

What would make you want your penis to be larger? 

We know from science that the number one reason that people want a bigger penis is that they are consuming pornography. When you watch a lot of porn. You are watching penises that are above the average length. We said average length five to seven inches.  In pornography, penises are eight, nine, ten inches, and even bigger in some cases. You’re seeing these abnormally large penises, and you’re conditioning your brain over and over and over to think that that’s what penises are like. Where science shows the vast majority, just about everybody has a penis that’s between five and seven inches.

However, during the hundreds or thousands of times, you’re watching a big penis on the screen, you are conditioning your brain to believe that is what your penis should look like. You are inadvertently making yourself think that you have a small penis when in fact your penis is fine. In fact, your penis might be great in terms of length. If it’s bigger than 2.9 inches, it’s fine. If it’s somewhere in the 5, 6, 7 inches range, it’s great. I want you to remember that. 

Another thing we know from science is that consuming pornography is giving men overall much lower self-esteem. It’s giving men performance anxiety and porn-induced erectile dysfunction. Now, this might actually be the problem that you are associating with penile length. It might be the fact that your penis size is fine, but you’re not able to get a full erection when you are trying to engage in sex with a partner because of your brain… not your penis. 

We know when you consume pornography that it drops out activity in the frontal lobe and it desensitizes the reward center in the middle brain. What that means is your brain needs massive amounts of stimulation to reach full erection. You need what you’ve been consuming from the screen in pornography, to get the stimulation for your penis to grow as big as it can. Which we know from science that this is not what happens in the bedroom with healthy women. That is usually the real problem. In reality, it is not the fact that your penis is small. It is porn-induced erectile dysfunction to some extent. 

What about your partner? 

Does she wish that you had a bigger penis? We know for the majority of the cases, 85% of women are happy with their partner’s penis length. Now, interestingly enough, only 55% of men are happy with their own penis length, and it goes back to what I was just talking about there. Why would you think your penis is small? Who are you comparing it to? 

Think about it. 

You’re comparing yourself to the screen.  In most cases, your partner is happy with your penis length. You may not be because what you’ve conditioned your brain to think is the normal length is actually abnormal.  

Now, moving forward with partners. An interesting thing about partners is that many of them did not enjoy larger penises because of pain with sex. Performance doesn’t have anything to do with the size of a penis. It actually has to do with what’s going on in the sexual acts and the connection between people.

Sex should have love and engagement, and it should be the perfect combination of dopamine for pleasure, serotonin for happiness, and oxytocin four connection. There should be a neurochemical cocktail going on that makes it so that you have an erection and that your partner is having fun.

Penis length isn’t a variable that women consider to be something that’s important for good sex. Remember what I’ve said before, if you’ve been consuming a lot of pornography, your brain is conditioned for the performance, not the experience. You are thinking about how big your penis is and how you’re going to perform because that’s what you watch. What your partner wants is a fun experience that feels good. So, keep in mind that is how you please your partner, not with a big penis.


There is really cool study from 2014 in Kenya.  It found that when a woman was with a man with a large penis, the larger the penis, the more likely the women were to cheat on their partner to have fun and engaging sex without pain with a partner who has a smaller penis. Now that’s kind of interesting. It goes back to what I was saying. More is not always better.  It is the experience that is important and not penis length.


There is another study that looked at whether shoe size correlated with penis length. Can you tell penis length by the size of someone’s shoes? The answer is, no. No, you cannot. They found in the study that there was no way to determine what the length of someone’s penis is. Again, they learned that the vast majority were between five and seven inches, going back to what is normal.


Can supplements improve your penis size? 

What a study from 2009 found is that the supplements that were were out there and were billing themselves as supplements to be able to increase penis size actually had prescription drugs in them. It was an FDA study that looked at it and yanked some of them. Be cautious because many of the supplements out there are indeed filled with prescription drugs, which can give you side effects, and clearly it’s not supposed to be that way.

 What about Viagra? 

Is Viagra a good thing to use if you feel like your penis is too small?  If you’re struggling with porn-induced erectile dysfunction, it’s much better to heal your brain than it is just to put Viagra in there. Viagra increases the nitric oxide in your body to get the blood flowing in your penis. It can help in the short run but you don’t want to create a dependency on Viagra. 

You want to heal from within so you can have the biggest possible erection you can have with your fine penis in the first place, so you can have great sex. 

I hope this helps out and remember to control your brain or it’ll control you.

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