Work at your own pace.



In Part 1, which is made up of Modules 1 and 2, you will learn how your brain works in an easy and understandable way that most people find fascinating and have never heard of.

Once you understand your brain, we will move on to part two, teaching it to work its best.


Module 1: How Your Brain Works
  • How your brain controls your body & your mind.
  • How your brain works at its best vs. less than optimal to create challenges.
  • How to keep your brain working at its best.

Module 2: What Causes ADHD, Anxiety, & More

  • How learning to control your brain benefits you.
  • qEEG Brain Mapping: How it works and how you can see how your brain is performing and where your challenges are coming from.
  • What makes your brain not work its best and why?
  • Brain Patterns for ADHD, Anxiety, Head Injury, Memory Loss, and more.
  • Brain Pattern for best focus, performance & low stress levels
  • How to get and keep the best brain pattern in your head.



In Part 2, three entire modules will be dedicated to teaching you what you can do to get your brain (and life) back on track and keep it there.

Learn to create lasting, permanent change in your brain’s performance so you can live the awesome life you deserve.

Module 3: How to Get Your Brain Performing at its Best

  • Making your Brain Work Its Best: Where to start to make sure you are successful.
  • Expert Treatments to Improve Brain Performance: Cutting-edge and state-of-the-art brain-based techniques, proven effective by science to conquer ADHD, anxiety, & more.
  • DIY Brain Improvement Strategies: Full range of do-it-yourself techniques and strategies to improve your brain and thus your body & mind (for FREE).

Module 4: Save your Brain from Electronics

  • How screens affect your brain and the startling consequences in your behavior.
  • Wired & Tired from your screen: Yikes… how to combat it.
  • Impact of electronics on Attention, Sensory Overload, Addictions, Social Skills, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Depression, Sleep Problems, and More, Oh No!
  • #1 Strategy to make a huge difference while still enjoying your computer, phone, etc. It’s not rocket-science, but man is it effective.

Module 5: Positive Mind Diet for Permanent Change

  • Positive Psychology: What is it and how it works.
  • Why a Brain-Boosting Mind Diet, and it’s not food that we are talking about.

Why Harness Your Brain?

Well, you have probably already figured out that most of the fixes that are out there for people’s challenges are not permanent or have terrible side effects and are proven to be harmful over the long run.

Once you know how your brain works… and especially once you know how to make it work better through all the amazing resources available to you, you truly have the key to solve your own challenges, for good!


Stop wasting your time and energy going in circles.

Harness Your Brain Online Workshop – $149