How Breathing Calms Your Brain

You have probably heard that deep breathing is good for you. Well, science shows that breathing calms your brain. When it is done right, that is. In my Neuro Training Program, I will help you identify how efficiently you are breathing and then help you to optimize it. Let me tell you a little story to highlight the power of breathing once it is harnessed.

I took my beautiful family (of 5 kids, 1 disgruntled husband, and two dogs, that is) on an RV Trip. The hubs made plans to drop our now ex-ferret off at a ferret mansion. You can read the whole story HERE. The gist is, I was not a happy camper because we were making this big detour on a 12-hour trip to drop off this ferret. I used my proven breathing techniques to calm my self, regulate myself and get back to having a fun road trip. I used breathing to get back on track within a few minutes. It works!

How Can Breathing Efficiency Be Measured?

This measure will reflect your ability to calm your breathing. As you may or may not know, calmer breath reflects a more regulated nervous system. It also helps to control self-regulation skills. This measure uses the body movement accelerometer and heart rate measurements to determine regulation skills based upon breathing patterns. Basically, you will learn to calm your breathing rate and keep your body still to achieve higher levels of focus.

How Can I Feel Calmer By Breathing?

Your calm breathing pattern will keep you feeling calmer all day long. It will especially help you during stressful times. Learning to breathe in a controlled, relaxed manner has been associated with calming the nervous system. During your breathing efficiency training, you will be guided to achieve higher levels of harmony in your breath. This will help you achieve a more relaxed state. Again, this will help you deal with the challenges in life from a more grounded state of well-being. Once you have learned how to use your breath to improve the way you are feeling and performing overall, and when stressed, you can use the techniques in your daily life to achieve a perpetual feeling of calm.

How Can I Measure My Breathing Rate?

I am a HUGE fan of the Muse Calm Brain Sensing Headband. As such, I’ve been using it myself and recommending it to patients for years. I am so excited to have developed a specialized Neuro Training Program centered around using the Muse Calm Headband. I have the skills and knowledge to take your practice to the next level if you are a “Muser”. If not, I will show you how.

Join me for your personalized Neuro Training program.

Not only will we have a ton of fun, but you will also end up a better version of yourself too. Find out all the elements that it includes HERE. Here is the shortlist:

  • EEG Biofeedback Brain Training (my fav)
  • Heart Rate Efficiency Training
  • Breathing Efficiency Training
  • Body Movement Efficiency Training
  • Sleep Efficiency Training
  • Personality Testing & Optimization (this is mindblowing)
  • Goal Setting & Realization

Let’s Do This. Let me help you #controlyourbrain

If you’d like a FREE consultation with Dr. Trish Leigh to see if this program feels like a good fit, schedule one HERE.



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