How to Improve Sleep

If you want to know how to improve sleep, keep reading. It is really simple. Maybe not easy, but simple.

Sleep is one of the most important variables when it comes to feeling and performing well. During sleep, your body heals itself. It uses your brain to do so. That is why we call it restorative sleep. Your brain slows itself down so much when you sleep that your resources can be used for healing, instead of producing. However, if you are doing all the wrong stuff, all day long, you won’t be able to sleep.

Why Can’t I Sleep?

Sleep eludes you because your brain is still running from the day before. When you use too much extra fast brain speed, High Beta, it becomes very difficult to slow your brain down enough to get into and stay in restorative sleep. That is why we are going to train your brain and mind to get into a calm focused mode. This will help you feel and perform better during the day and BONUS… it will help you sleep better at night.

What Does a Sleep Assessment Measure?

Your sleep efficiency will be measured based upon your perception using a sleep efficiency checklist. You will report to me how easy it is for you to fall asleep, how often you wake up during the night, if you feel rested and more. If you happen to have any sleep data, including heart rate and breathing rate, this data can be used to assess how much restorative sleep you are getting. Sleep goals and strategies can be made based on your assessment. I will give you many tips that are backed by science. Neuro training, in and of itself, improves sleep. Progress in your sleep efficiency can be measured based upon your assessment scores.

How Will We Improve Sleep With Training?

Restorative sleep is perhaps one of the most important factors in reaching your Full Potential. If your brain is running fast or stressed out and your rate accelerates, breathing increases and body movement becomes erratic or excessive within the day, it will be almost impossible to fall and stay asleep. Lack of restorative sleep is a product of dysregulated patterns of the parameters described above. Training of the brain, mind, heart, breath, and body will facilitate proper sleep. During your sleep efficiency training, you will learn what factors throughout the day are impacting your sleep and put behavioral strategies, tips, and techniques into place to get better sleep than you have ever had before. Combined with a more efficient brain and body, your Full Potential will begin to unfold all by itself.

Join me for your personalized Neuro Training program. Not only will we have a ton of fun, but you will also end up a better version of yourself too. Find out all the elements that it includes HERE. Here is the short list:

  • EEG Biofeedback Brain Training (my fav)
  • Heart Rate Efficiency Training
  • Breathing Efficiency Training
  • Body Movement Efficiency Training
  • Sleep Efficiency Training
  • Personality Testing & Optimization (this is mindblowing)
  • Goal Setting & Realization

Let’s Do This. Let me help you #controlyourbrain

If you’d like a FREE consultation with Dr. Trish Leigh to see if this program feels like a good fit, schedule one HERE.

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