Masturbation Ruins Your Life

Is Masturbation Ruining Your Life?

How Masturbation Ruins Your Life

Most people think that masturbation is all about sex. In reality, masturbation is all about comfort and boredom. It is a self-soothing technique. Since most people try masturbating when they’re younger, a time of life that is especially challenging, it can be a source of comfort. When coupled with pornography, it can turn into this abnormal stimulus that the brain relies on to function. This is when addiction happens. It is due to the overwhelming amount of dopamine that the brain receives while consuming porn and masturbating.


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Masturbation Addiction

Masturbation ruins your life as you hurl deeper into addiction. This addiction can become heightened as children reach their teenage years when life can become especially challenging. Fast forward years later, if the brain is still relying on the same self-soothing technique, it will most likely face challenges in life and relationships directly related to porn. This is because when masturbating, the brain is receiving an overwhelming amount of dopamine that you can’t find anywhere else. The brain will continue to go back to masturbating time and time again in search of that dopamine hit.


To combat the brain’s urge to return to the screen and masturbate, a couple of things need to be done.

  • First, find out what the brain is trying to self-soothe. Dig into the past and find out what possible triggers or trauma there may be. Find it, process it, and resolve it so the trauma leaves the nervous system.
  • Second, seek out new self-soothing habits. This can include exercise, joining groups with like-minded people, and finding a hobby.
  • Lastly, try to find joy and fulfillment in the real world. When successfully finding happiness in jobs, hobbies, and relationships, the brain is rewired to go into the real world for dopamine instead of the screen.

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