More Sun, Less Screens Program

A digital course to get out of the screen and into the world so you can enjoy your life w/Dr.Trish Leigh.
$ 19


1. Powerful morning and evening routines.

2. How your brain is linked to the screen.

3. How to prevent falling into the screen.

4. How nature and the Sun can help heal your brain and more.

  • How your brain is linked to the screen
  • Screen brain vs. healthy brain differences
  • Powerful morning and evening routines
  • How nature and the Sun can help heal your brain and more

It is time to put the screen down and get out into the world!

Dr. Trish Leigh, Cognitive Neuroscientist and Sex Addiction Recovery Coach, will help you understand how the screen pulls you back in and links your brain to it through dopamine, the pleasure-seeking neurochemical. 

Then, most importantly, you will know how to unlink it from the screen and connect your brain to your life’s pleasure, happiness, and connection. 

This program will give you options when you feel like there is no way to escape. Now is your time to release yourself once and for all. 

In this program, you will learn how to create new routines so that during summer, when the weather is beautiful, and it’s easier to establish new habits, you’ve got the tools and techniques you need to do so. 

As we move into fall and winter, you’ll be all set and have those in place.

More Sun, Less Screens Program​