Heal ADHD. It’s True!

ADHD is a Neurodevelopmental disorder that comes from an irregular brain pattern. 

Your brain can be re-wired to perform better. 

Increase Focus, Anxiety, Productivity, and Joy.

Heal ADHD: Re-Wire Your Brain

On-Line Short Course with Dr. Trish Leigh 

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Your Brain Creates ADHD Symptoms. Re-wire your Brain to Succeed. 

heal ADHD

Heal ADHD: RE-Wire Your Brain

Heal your brain and start living up to your full potential. Your brain can be re-wired to decrease distraction and frustration and improve calm focus. This short course will show you how:

  • Your brain creates ADHD symptoms.
  • How to re-wire your brain to reduce symptoms and increase focus.
  • How anxiety and ADHD are related and how you can feel calmer.
  • Neuroscience techniques to heal your brain.
  • Do-it-yourself strategies to re-wire your brain and keep it there.

Note: If you would like to add brain training to your experience, you can buy a brain sensing headband directly from the manufacturer with an exclusive 15% discount link. It is ~$212. Details are in the workshop. The course provides HUGE value without it. You don’t have to buy it, but… if you do it, it will be worth it. 

This is how it works. It is an easy three-step process:

Step 1. Sign up for the “Heal ADHD: Re-Wire Your Brain” Short Course. 

Most people do not understand that ADHD comes from an irregular use of electrical energy in the brain. It is a Neurodevelopmental Disorder that can be healed. Using neuroscience and technology, you can improve the way your brain performs and ADHD symptoms can reduce or become alleviated. This course teaches you how.

Step 2. Learn How the Brain Causes ADHD & How to Re-Wire It. 

In the course, you will learn what the brain pattern behind ADHD looks like and how it creates your symptoms. After that, you will learn how to optimize your brain using neuroscience techniques and do-it-yourself strategies. This way you can re-wire your brain and keep it in the new mode permanently. Make your brain work better to focus, be productive and on purpose. You deserve to reach your full potential and have fun doing it.  

Step 3. Work Directly with Dr. Trish Leigh for Success.

If you decide to add brain training to your course, you can give me, Dr. Trish Leigh, access to your session performance graphs. Within the first month, I will confidentially review your performance progress and record a video update for you. You will see how your brain is changing with your own eyes using measurable data. You will feel it too. This is the easiest way to heal ADHD quickly and start living the life you desire.

Want more support once you are in the course? You can work with Dr. Leigh in one-on-one coaching calls. Sign up for Home Neurofeedback Brain Training HERE. It will help you re-wire your brain to succeed faster and easier. 

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Heal ADH: Re-Wire Your Brain

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Note: You may want to purchase a brain-sensing headband directly from the manufacturer with an exclusive 15% discount.
It is ~$212. Details are in the workshop. Trust me, if you do, it will be worth it.

ADHD Starts in the Brain and Ends in the Brain.

Don’t Just Survive, THRIVE. 

It is Time to Rewire Your Brain to Be Calm & Focused.

Dr. Trish Leigh

This workshop is completely recorded and available on-line. 

Control Your Brain or It Will Control You!

If you want more information on how you can rewire your brain for balanced gaming and a purposeful life then visit Dr. Leigh’s  YouTube Channel

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Heal ADHD: RE-Wire Your Brain

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