Neurofeedback Maintenance Program

What Is the Neuro Training Maintenance Program?

3 Easy Steps to Keep Your Brain (& Life) In Shape.

  • Use your Muse Calm headband (almost) every day.
  • Watch and listen to Dr. Trish Leigh interpret your graphs for you and give you individual insight and tips on how you can improve your stress and focus.
  • Have questions? Send them to Dr. Trish Leigh and get a video answer so you can reach your full potential.

I can help you reduce your stress and improve your focus in an all-natural way. It is simple, train your brain every day. This is how it works. You use your Muse Calm Brain Sensing headband each day. Each month you will see, with your own eyes, how your brain is performing. Once you know, then you will find out what you can do to make it work better. This will help you to become calm and focused. For a very low cost, you can have professional insight into your daily brain training sessions. Each month I will review your brain training graphs and record a video just for you.

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What’s in the video interpretation of my brain training sessions?

In the video, I will tell you exactly how your brain has performed within and across your sessions. This will help you understand how your brain is working and what you can do to make it work better. I will give you specific tips too. If you have a question, email it to me and I will record you a response. People love their video answers. I think you will too. When your brain works better you will achieve more and more moments of calm focus. That is why we are doing this. So, you can become the calmest, most focused, productive person you know. Guess what? You can have fun doing it too.

How Can I Tell If I Am Making Improvements?

  • Video Interpretation by Dr. Trish Leigh of YOUR brain training graphs within and across sessions.

Once a month, I will send you a video interpretation of the progression of your graphs using your Muse Calm. Muse Calm is backed by strong science showing its effectiveness. When you join my maintenance program you will be added to my online dashboard of clients so that I can see all your training graphs. I can see when, how long, and how your brain performed.

Using my knowledge and skills, I will point out areas of improvement and any interesting findings that occurred within the month. Most importantly, looking at your sessions over time I can share with you how your brain’s performance is improving due to your Muse sessions. What this means is that I can keep you on the right path of improving your nervous system. In this way, you can get and stay in a calm and focused state. You will love this service.

How Can Brain Training Sessions Help Me?

Using neuroplasticity, we will change your brain and make it calmer and more focused. For real. This is how neuroplasticity works. The more often you get your brain into a calm and focused mode using your headband, the easier it will be for it to get there again and again without the headband. If you use your Muse Calm headband enough, your brain can hard-wire the calm and focused pattern so that it becomes your new operating model. This means you stay there all the time and become a calmer, more focused version of yourself. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Let me tell you, it is.

Sign Up for the Maintenance program HERE. The link will be at the bottom of the page. 

How is This Service Different from Home Neurofeedback or Personal Neuro Training?

How Does Home Neurofeedback Work?

Home Neurofeedback, using the Brain Shift Program through Leigh Brain & Spine, is completely individualized for your specific needs. When you join our practice, you get attention to detail and we help you every step of the way. Over a six-month period, your sessions are constantly monitored by your doctor and changed when necessary. My hubs, Dr. Cosmas Leigh, can change your training protocol or site at any time to meet your ever-changing needs as your brain is healing and becoming stronger. This can be very important at the beginning of your program.

Is There Coaching During Home Neurofeedback?

I am involved as your Neuro Coach. You receive 3 Neuro Coaching sessions with me to help you identify strategies that you could use to help your own cause. That means we work together a little bit, but not in-depth. Coaching is limited to suggestions based on your neurofeedback goals and session data. Neurofeedback is used as the primary modality to improve your brain performance. This program is ideal for people who are diagnosed with psychological, physical, or cognitive challenges such as anxiety, depression, pain, headaches, misophonia, tinnitus, ADHD, learning challenges, sensory processing disorders and more. These difficulties necessitate a therapeutic approach to relief. You can read more information on the Home Neurofeedback Program HERE.

Is Maintenance Appropriate After a Neurofeedback Program?

Over time of a consistent, individualized Neurofeedback training program, your brain will “shift” its mode to the new, better, optimal performance pattern. This is best done while supervised by a doctor who knows what s/he is doing. However, after your program is complete you should want more support to make sure your benefits are lasting.

To be able to do that, I have designed this maintenance program using the Muse Calm Brain Sensing Headband. The headband has one proprietary algorithmic setting. This is how it is designed. The Muse Calm headband itself is not able to have different protocols set for different people’s needs. But, that being said, the protocol that it uses is designed to help most people get and keep their brains in the ideal mode of calm focus. After your in-office or home Neurofeedback program, this maintenance plan is perfect.

What If I Haven’t Completed a Neurofeedback Program.

Can I still do this maintenance program? Yes! If your brain is close to the optimal mode, this program will help you get there with ease. The farther away your brain is from the optimal pattern, the harder it will be for you to get there. But don’t worry. If you sign up for the maintenance program and have big needs. I will see it in your brain. You won’t even have to tell me. I will know. I will tell you. If your brain shows it is using the pattern of ADHD or extreme anxiety, I can show you that you likely need more support. I will show you why using your brain graphs.

Everything I do is scientifically measurable. Most people don’t care about that aspect. I care about it very much. I will use the data to inform you of what is best for you. If your brain is in the middle, not calm and focused but not significantly dysregulated, you likely could benefit from my Personal Neuro Training Program described below.

What Do I Get in the Neurofeedback Maintenance Program?

  • Lessons on how to get the most out of your Muse Calm Brain Training Program
  • Monthly Update of Your Brain Performance analyzed by Dr. Trish Leigh
  • Within and Across session analysis of your brain modes
  • Video Interpretation of your Brain Health, based on your graphs, by Dr. Trish Leigh
  • Unlimited questions to Dr. Trish Leigh which will be answered via video and sent back to you
  • One Actionable Suggestion to Improve Your Brain and Life each month

Please Note: Individualized coaching calls are not included in this program. Only recorded video interpretations. If you would like to have coaching calls with Dr. Trish Leigh, they can be purchased upon request.

Who is the Neuro Training Maintenance Program Designed For?

This program is perfect for you if you have:

  • Been interested in preventing or coming back from burn out, anxiety, stress, and addictions.
  • Struggled with attention issues and want an all-natural solution that is proven to help.
  • Been frustrated helping your child control his behaviors and want to help him calm down.
  • Been using your Muse Calm Headband and want to know what your data means.
  • Never heard of Neuro Training but know that brain health is the way of the future and want in.
  • Completed an In-Office Neurofeedback Program and want continued support.

Read more information on the Maintenance program HERE.

If you want to feel and perform your best, I can help you through this maintenance program. If you are looking for more support to get you moving in the right direction of creating and achieving your goals to overcome anxiety, addiction, and attention difficulties then you might be interested in my Neuro Training and Coaching program.

Personal Neuro Training & Neuro Coaching with Dr. Trish Leigh

This program is designed for professionals and peak performers who want more out of their life. We use Muse Calm brain training sessions to create that experience for you. Top performers are used to working with experts who can help them identify and then become better versions of themselves. That is what I am here to do for you in this awesome Personal Neuro Training & Coaching Program.

Personal Neuro Training Evaluation

After a comprehensive evaluation of your brain performance pattern, personality type, heart, breathing, sleep, and, movement efficiency, we will set goals together. The plan will be to begin to achieve those goals within a three-month time frame. You will begin brain training and using other biohacking features of the Muse Calm headband.

We will meet over Zoom once a week for the first month. In our time together we will identify the hurdles that are keeping you back and the path to exploding into your full potential. In the following two months, we will meet every other week for coaching sessions to keep you moving in the right direction. This program is incredibly powerful for people struggling with anxiety, burnout, addictions, and personal traumas. I can help you reach your full potential by optimizing your brain and body and then setting a clear plan of action. Read more information on this program HERE.

Sign Up for the Maintenance program HERE. The link will be at the bottom of the page. 

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