Order Creates Calm-Focus.

How Order Creates Calm-Focus.

I have a confession. My desk and office are always spotlessly clean. My closet is not. It is a proverbial, and literal, dumping ground. The reason is because I have lots of kids and I hide everything I don’t want them to have in my closet. I know that order creates calm-focus and vice versa. So I have been threatening to clean my closet for 2 years. No joke, two years. I did a few mini-cleans, but not a good organization. Once I made my son Declan, who is extremely organized, help me clean it as a consequence for bad behavior. Good times.

As I threatened to clean it again this weekend, my husband did the unthinkable, he cleaned it for me. Really, really cleaned it. Organized it from top to bottom. I am relieved. Let me tell you why. Calm-Focus flows from order and to it. Order creates Calm-Focus. Here is how.

An Organized Brain Pattern Makes a Person Calm and Focused. A Chaotic Brain Pattern Creates Chaotic Behaviors.

At work, I can see if a person’s brain is using an organized brain pattern or a chaotic one using qEEG Brain Mapping. A chaotic brain pattern creates hyperactive and anxious behaviors. An organized pattern creates a calm-focused mind and body. Now, back to my closet. An organized closet makes it so that I can get dressed and ready quickly and efficiently. This is just like an orderly brain making it so that I can act and think quickly and efficiently. It is the same.

Good news is my closet is clean. Bad news is I can’t find anything because the hubs organized it.

1 Tip to Improve Stress and Anxiety:

Watch the below video if you want to decrease your stress and anxiety to improve your calm-focus.

1 Tip to Improve Calm-Focus if You Are Distractible:

Here is one great tip to improve your ability to focus by shifting your brain into a more organized pattern. Watch the video below to learn how to improve your calm-focus immediately.

If you want to learn more about your brain and how to control it to reach your full potential, check out my personal neuro training program. I can help you reach your full potential.

If you are not able to use these tips then your brain is likely stuck using an irregular brain pattern. You can find out sure by having a qEEG Brain Map performed. If you do not live in my area, schedule your comprehensive neuro evaluation HERE.  You can do it At Home. Knowledge is Power. Once you see what your brain needs to perform better, so you feel better, you can’t help but want it.

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