Reduce Seizures Through Neurofeedback

Want to Reduce Seizures? You are in the right place. Today’s message is for anyone who is struggling with seizure disorder or epilepsy. I know it is different than my typical mojo, but I am putting together a workshop on Seizures and Neurofeedback and felt a strong need to share. Why? Because people do not know how successful Neurofeedback is for treating seizures. People with seizures think they have no option but to take medications and suffer. That is not true.

Neurofeedback works and it is proven by science. I will tell you about it in just a minute, but, first let me give you three tips to help stabilize the brain pattern that causes seizures. Instability in the electrical performance of the brain is ne feature of the brain pattern that makes people susceptible to seizures.


Sleep to Reduce Seizures

Getting enough, quality sleep is very important for people with seizures. Sometimes, the underlying brain pattern makes it so that true restorative sleep is not happening. This pattern can be seen on a qEEG Brain Map. When you sleep your brain cells repair themselves. Also, your brain pattern in a sense reboots itself. That is why sleep is crucial.


Eat Well to Reduce Seizures

If you have ever eaten something and then not felt so well, you will be able to understand what I mean. Some foods will tax your nervous system more than others. I know when I eat out, I don’t always feel fabulous afterward. I always blame it on fake butter, even though I am not sure if it is the reason or not.

You want your system to run as clean as possible so that your brain will not have to deal with any toxins, sensitivities, or just plain old junk food with preservatives and the like. The easiest way to accomplish this is to do the following.

  • Eat as much organic food as possible.
  • Eat protein and carbs together at each snack or meal. (If you don’t know what foods are in each category look it up and learn it because it is super important). For example, I eat nuts and an apple as a snack. Yum. Eating this way stabilizes your system and will keep you healthier.
  • Cook your meals yourself using healthy ingredients.
  • Avoid eating items that come in bags that crinkle. (Think about that one)
  • Eat fruits and veggies.
  • Eat four or five smaller meals a day. Stable, remember, not starving then full, then starving again.

Decrease Stress & Mental Exertion to Reduce Seizures

Many people do not know that stress and extreme mental exertion both use extra fast brain speed High Beta. To ward off seizures balance how you use your brain across the day with times for mental exertion, times for relaxing and rest. This will help you stave off seizures.

Now, when it comes to stress. Try to avoid chronic stress as it will raise your High Beta consistently. Consistently elevated High Beta can ultimately increase Delta, extra slow speed, as the brain becomes fatigued and contribute to the onset of a seizure. Avoid stress. I know, I know, easier said than done. Use this exercise.

Activity to Reduce Stress to Reduce Seizures

Write down all of your stressors. Now identify those that you can find a solution for. Implement said solution. Discern those that do not have such an easy fix. For these stressors, find a way to reduce their magnitude to tolerable levels. Lastly, those that are chronic and you can figure out how to solve them at all, you will need a framework shift. Try to find the blessing in the stressor. Try to see how it is good for you. I know this might be challenging, but if you find a way to find the good in the bad, it will indeed reduce the stress associated with the stressor. This will help your brain to flourish and thrive. Seizures will be less likely to grab hold of your brain pattern if you can make it as stable as possible with your behaviors. Routines can be used to improve your brain performance too. Easing in and out of your day and thinking early in the day can help ward off stress.


Neurofeedback to Reduce Seizures

Ok, this information is what you really need to know because it is the cream of the crop to reduce your seizures permanently, without medications, from the inside out. If you want lasting change, then here is the answer.

Quantitative Electroencephalogram (qEEG) technology has been proven to be highly effective in discerning which type of seizure disorder a person is suffering from.Check out the science if you don’t believe me. (I hope by now you believe me 😉 If you have not been able to reduce your seizures and want help, then call my awesome team at Leigh Brain & Spine and we can help you out. If we can’t help you directly, we will set you up with a Neurofeedback Expert in your area. I want you to start living at your best today.

Three Types of Seizures:

The 3 possible types are (1) Focal, (2) Focal with Secondary Generalized, and (3) Generalized.

Watch the video below where I explain how each impacts your brain. The gist is that a focal seizure disorder occurs in one area of the brain. It tends to create more specific symptoms and can be reduced by treating that one area with Neurofeedback Brain Training. Generalized encompasses the entire brain and can impact multiple areas and thus have more symptoms.


How Does Neurofeedback Work to Reduce Seizures?

Each of these types have been proven by research studies to be reduced by Neurofeedback Brain Training. Click that link and read the abstract, it is just a small abstract, not a whole scientific article. You will find that he authors summarize the study by saying “Based on this meta-analysis, EEG operant conditioning was found to produce a significant reduction on seizure frequency. This finding is especially noteworthy given the patient group, individuals who had been unable to control their seizures with medical treatment.”

Neurofeedback teaches the brain to make less of the extra slow speed, called Delta, to improve the processing speed of the brain. The slow processing speed is at the heart of seizure disorders. Simultaneously, many people with seizures are using too little of the optimal processing speed, Low Beta. Neurofeedback can teach your brain to make more Low Beta speed and thus the brain is using the speed that it needs to in order to be stable and healthy.

First a qEEG Brain Map is performed to see how your brain is performing and which areas are using speed improperly. Once identified, those areas can be trained to perform better through Neurofeedback. In fact, Neurofeedback was first discovered to be highly effective for seizures. I love the story of Barry Sterman in his lab. Read it some time. If you are a science geek like me, you will love it.



Neurofeedback has been scientifically proven to reduce Delta and Theta magnitude in the areas of concern. When focal seizures are evident, the parameter of asymmetry should be evaluated. Many times the left hemisphere of the brain is performing too slowly. Most times, it can be balanced by addressing the magnitude issues within the involved brain areas. Seizures can be significantly reduced through Neurofeedback. Patients can be advised when it might be a good time to wean off of their medications. How, you might ask? By the use of the trend screen analyses. You can see when and how the brain is performing better. Once it is operating closer to the normal limits band, medications can be reduced. This can be used to advise prescribing doctors for comprehensive care. Of the prescribing doctor is the person who advises on reduction. The information you provide can be crucial for that professional in helping you patient.



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