What Causes Addictions?

If you want to know what causes addictions, then you are in the right place. It is your brain. People do not realize that our brains control all of our behaviors. This includes physical behaviors and mental behaviors like thinking and feeling.

To most people, addictions seem to be the problem. This is not true. Addictions are symptoms. The underlying problem is actually one within the brain.

Addictions reflect the difficulty that the person is having with engaging with the world. The person’s brain needs to be stimulated to keep up with his activities.  Alternatively, the person is overwhelmed with life and needs to escape. In both cases, engagement is the problem and the addiction acts as a release from the discomfort caused in the brain. This can be alcohol, drugs, sex/porn, gambling, food, etc. They come in all shapes and sizes. But, each addiction has the same underlying source. Pain.

What Causes Addictions?

What causes the addictions is the brain pattern that is happening underneath. Our brains are supposed to be able to shift speeds throughout our day. Some brains get stuck in their gears.  Stuck too slow, too fast, or a combination of the two for the brain.

Two factors in the brain create addictive behaviors. First, some addictions are caused by a brain that needs stimulation. This person will be addicted to drugs that provide an upper feeling, like cocaine. Porn and sex addictions can provide that feeling of stimulation that the brain needs to feel more comfortable. Sometimes video game addictions are caused by the need for stimulation to the brain. Even coffee addictions are rooted in this feeling for stimulation.

Stress and Addictions

Most addictions are caused by stress. A stressed brain is one that is running too fast. Video games, porn, sex, and alcohol addiction take a person out of their body and into an altered state of not feeling the pain of being alive. This only works for a little while and then the good feelings wear off and the bad feelings come back with vigor.

ADHD and Addictions

ADHD and addictions have linked for a long time. Attention difficulties are caused by a brain that is performing too slow.  Slow processing speed makes them feel the need to speed up. Theta slow processing speed in the brain is excessive in ADHD. At the same time, an ADHD brain pattern can give the person feelings of stress and anxiety by causing too much high beta fast processing speed.

How to Conquer Addictions for Good.

The way to get rid of addictions is simple. In my personal neuro training program, I can help you eliminate the feeling of needing to escape reality. First, we will determine how your brain is performing and then we will make it work better. qEEG Brain Mapping is used to identify brain patterns. It is totally awesome. It is like an X-ray for your brain. It shows exactly how your brain is performing and precisely what is need to make it work better.

Neurofeedback Brain Training has been shown to improve the way the brain is performing by speeding up the areas that need it and slowing down those that need to chill out. Home Neurofeedback is an awesome chance for people to tune up their brains from home.

When your brain works better, so do you. No longer do you feel the need to be stimulated or escape. Life becomes better.

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