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Overcome Anxiety, ADHD, and Addictions
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Neurofeedback Professionals

Become the expert you always wanted to be.

Join Dr. Trish Leigh’s monthly recorded clinical coaching workshop to improve your skills, have her interpret your brain maps or trend screens for you, or now she can even implement Neurofeedback in your office completely on your behalf. Receive everything you need to grow your business and gain competitive advantage. You get the skills and the tools. Nothing is left out. Learn how to implement this method in your practice today.

Peak Performance Neuro-Coaching 

with Dr. Trish Leigh for Professionals to Thrive

Learn how your brain is holding you back and how you can get ahead.

As a professional, so many times it is hard for you to see that you are not performing at top levels. Don’t wait until you start to slip to realize that you are heading toward burnout and exhaustion. Recover today, with lasting success. 

Especially if you struggle with lack of focus, anxiety, or addiction, you are in the right place. Expertise you can count on with Dr. Trish Leigh’s powerful formula! Get the expert coaching and tools you need to get ahead today.

Feel Confident.

Be Calm & Focused.

Save Time, Money & Energy.

Life is too short to constantly struggle.

Stress and lack of focus exhaust you. Don’t be held back. You deserve more.

Hi. I’m Dr. Trish Leigh and I am here to help you succeed. I was once where you are. I felt lost, uncertain and I was wasting my time, money, and energy. 

Until I figured it out, that is. 

Here is what I discovered. Using  neuroscience, technology and a systematic formula, I could get my life on track, quickly. And guess what? It worked! I far surpassed my personal, professional and financial goals in the last quarter of the year. In fact, my life got 100% better.

I can help you do that too. 

I still use that formula today and since then I have taught it to hundreds of other business leaders, healthcare professionals, moms, and students. It combines coaching from me with 25+ years experience, awesome tech. that you can use at home, and tons of tips, techniques, and strategies to make you successful. I will keep you moving forward even when you feel like you can’t. I will inspire you, empower you , and help you become the best version of yourself. 
The best part is this formula is heart-centered to provide the best experience for you. That means we will have fun doing it too. When you are rocking, the people in your world will begin to shift to higher plains too. 
Everyone wins. It is a no-brainer (pun intended ;))

Feeling a little beat and totally off track?

Not sure which move to make next?

Frustrated and want to give up?

Looking for more with ease and a bit of fun?

Dr. Trish Leigh knows how you feel. She cares about you and your goals. Dr. Leigh has the skills and tools to help you thrive. With her enthusiasm and proven formula for success, she is here to serve. 

Get yourself on track today with Dr. Trish.

Dr. Trish Leigh

25 years of Experience; Neuroscience, Mentoring, & Education. 

Recognized Thought Leader for Change.

Thousands of Brains Changed. Millions of Lives Improved.
Proven Formula for Success.


Re-wire your brain & life with a proven formula.

Use the formula consistently.

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3 Steps to Conquer Anxiety, ADHD, and Addictions

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