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The 4 “BIG A” Health Issues Can Keep You Stuck in a Downward Spiral. Anxiety, Attention, Addiction, and Arousal Dysfunction prevent you from reaching your full potential. Dr. Trish Leigh CAN help!

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I'm Dr. Trish Leigh and I offer digital and personal programs that are built on scientifically proven methods to help you improve anxiety, attention, ED, and internet addictions. The problems start and end in the brain.

Let's solve the issue from the inside out. You know what that means? I can get at the root of the problem to help you feel and perform better in a healthy way that lasts. You don't have to suffer in silence anymore. I can help.


Choose a customized brain rewire program for your needs.

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Choose a digital program and get started right away or sign up for a personal evaluation with me, Dr. Trish Leigh. Both are proven effective to help you move in the right direction.

Heal Your Brain.

From the comfort of your home, you have all the tools and support you need to recover. When your brain works better, you feel and perform better. It is that simple.

Hardwire Success

Learn the tools and strategies you need to hardwire your better brain for lasting results. Once you've healed the dysfunction, learn to make it last.

Anxiety, attention, ED, and internet addiction issues start in your brain.

They end by re-wiring to perform better.

I’m Dr. Trish Leigh, and I can help you succeed. I am a Cognitive Neuroscientist with a widely varied professional and personal development background. The integration of my knowledge and skills led me to develop a systematic formula for positive change. It is a Neuro-Bio-Psycho-Social Approach to improve your brain and life.

The truth is, I once was where you are. I was stressed, tired, escaping, and sick of wasting my time, money, and energy trying to be calm and focused. So, I dedicated myself to creating a better approach. I wanted to feel and perform better myself and help my family of five kids do so too.

My dedication paid off. I figured out the formula and it worked. My life got 100% better, as did the lives of those around me. I learned that I could “control my brain” to perform better so that my mind and body could think, work, connect, and relax with ease. Since then, I have helped hundreds of thousands of people improve their lives too.

Here is what I discovered. Using neuroscience, technology, and scientifically proven strategies, I could get my life on track for optimal performance. I began to train my brain, resolve past hurts and traumas, re-wire my mental processes, and set goals like I hadn’t before. In a short time, my personal and professional life got better and have stayed that way ever since. I want you to enjoy that level of success too. 

You deserve the life you have always wanted.

It is Time to Stop Surviving and Start Thriving. Are You Ready?

Why It Works.


Do you know how to solve a problem quickly and permanently? By addressing the root cause. That is why neuroscience is such an important aspect of alleviating anxiety, attention, sexual dysfunction, and addiction issues. They are proven to be caused by irregular performance patterns in the brain. When the brain improves, the symptoms go away. I will teach you how to use the tools you need to heal your brain so you can get on track fast.

Integration of Education & Practical Action Steps

Science shows that when you understand the “why” and the “how” behind each powerful action step, it is easier to perform and more effective overall. I will help you get started and build the momentum you need to create long-term change.


My programs include personal help designed to support your individual needs. With the right tools and support, you can heal your brain and improve your life.

All of Dr. Trish Leigh’s programs are built on scientifically proven methods that get to the root of your anxiety, attention, ED, and internet addiction challenges.

I can help you solve the issue from the inside out.

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