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At-Home, By Yourself

Did you know that the technology exists so that you can get started with Neurofeedback brain training at home, by yourself, in a simple way?

Well, it does. Let me tell you about it. 

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Scientifically Proven, Drug-Free, Non-Invasive Tool for Attention, Anxiety, Internet Addictions, and More

What Does Your Brain Have to Do with It?

You may not even realize that the struggles in your life stem from your brain performance. Most people don’t.

The list of brain-based challenges is long and unassuming. You can read about them here. Anxiety, depression, ADHD, and internet addictions are among many issues that are caused by dysregulation in brain performance. Thus, they can be improved by regulating the brain. At Dr. Trish Leigh & Co. we help you improve your brain performance so that you feel calmer and more focused. This way you can rock out your best life. 

The easiest, and most affordable, way for anybody, anywhere in the world, to train their brain is by purchasing the Muse® Brain Sensing Headband. Start the app, put on the headband, close your eyes, and breathe. 

It’s that easy. 

Why Train Your Brain with Muse®?

If you struggle with anxiety, attention, or internet addiction issues, a consistent brain training practice can decrease your symptoms and improve how you feel and perform.

Thinking, your ability to manage stress, and overall well-being can improve through brain training. Muse® makes training your brain easy, and enjoyable and helps take the guesswork out of how your brain is performing because you can see it in visible brain training graphs. With Muse you can improve your focus and emotional regulation.

3 Reasons to Train Your Brain with Muse®

1. Unlimited At-Home Access

Remote access allows you to train your brain anytime, anywhere. You can see how your brain is improving.

2. Affordable

Using the Muse headband is the most affordable way to access state-of-the-art neurofeedback brain training. With the exclusive link below, you can even get 20% off your purchase price.

3. Proven Effective

Neurofeedback is scientifically proven to improve the brain patterns for attention, anxiety, and addiction challenges. Plus, so much more.

Muse® is backed by research at:

Advanced Brain Training: More Than Just Meditation.

Although Muse® refers to itself as a meditation tool, look below the surface and you will find an advanced, state-of-the-art neurofeedback brain training tool - for a relatively low cost!

The other biofeedback mechanisms are a bonus to the brain-sensing headband. 

Brain Training Made Easy

Stop guessing how your brain is performing.
Use real-time feedback to guide you and keep you motivated during your brain training sessions.

Find Calm & Stay Focused
Research has shown that Neurofeedback with Muse helps people stress less and focus more.

Track & Measure Your Own Progress
Review your data, set goals, and build a rewarding brain training practice.

Schedule a Full qEEG Brain Map with Dr. Trish Leigh
Your Muse headband provides the hardware for a full brain map.

Get Your Muse® Brain Training Headband Now

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How Does Muse® Brain Training Work?

Muse® uses, in its mind biofeedback category in the app, high-level Electroencephalogram (EEG) technology that can read the electrical activity of your brain and transform it instantly into an easily understandable experience that can help you improve how your brain performs.

Using advanced signal processing algorithms, Muse® allows you to train your brain to control your ability to get and stay calm while remaining focused. 

The Muse® app detects and then decomposes the raw brainwave signals and sends them back to you in real-time as sounds. In this way, your brain can use the information to improve its own performance.

The Muse® headband does NOT put anything into your brain. It only READS the signals from your brain and converts them into sound so your brain can learn to work better. It is based on the scientific principles of Operant Conditioning, and it is proven to work.

When your brain is performing better, you hear calm sounds and achieve audio rewards, birds chirping, to reinforce the improved performance. When your brain becomes anxious, overwhelmed, or fatigued the sounds become more chaotic signaling negative feedback. In this way, you receive neurofeedback, sounds that tell you how your brain is working.  

By measuring your ability to stay relaxed and focused during a session, Muse® helps guide you away from distracting thoughts and toward a calm state of mind. With rich data gathered in real-time from your brain, Muse® offers you a whole new way to cultivate a calm and focused mind. 

Muse® is FULLY CERTIFIED: Safe, Trusted, Certified

Muse® does not use electrical stimulation – it’s a PASSIVE tool that gives you accurate, real-time feedback on what’s happening in your brain. EEG has been used in hospitals and research institutions for nearly a century to study the brain.

Nervous System Sync to Improve Total Performance.

Using all the types of biofeedback provided by Muse® you can train your brain, mind, heart, breath, and body.

Doing so can help you sync the primary energy centers in your nervous system. I call it a “Nervous System Sync”. In addition to brain training, you can use breath biofeedback to calm fight or flight, body biofeedback to reduce fidgeting and improve stillness, and heart biofeedback to optimize total system performance. 

You can create an improved electromagnetic flow of energy throughout your entire nervous system. This leads to optimized performance to help you feel great and live to the fullest. As you progress through your practice, you will have the ability to combine the different feedback centers for even more engaging sessions and deeper insights — your guide to inner calm focus.



I endorse the Muse® Brain Training headband as “the” product to train your brain because of its ease and effectiveness.

I do not sell the Muse® directly; I am a Muse® Elite Ambassador*. What this means is that you purchase the Muse® directly from the manufacturer through me.

So, when you use the special link from this page, you will be redirected to the Muse® website where you will receive your exclusive 20% discount off your purchase price just for knowing me.

This adds up to big savings for many of the people I work with. Then, you can use your Muse® headband alone, or if you are inspired, we can work together to help you get the most out of your brain training.

Once your headband arrives, to get faster results you can work with a certified Neurofeedback Coach. Symptoms decrease as neurological regulation increases. It can be that simple.

Disclosure – As a Elite Muse® Ambassador Dr. Trish Leigh & Co. receives affiliate compensation for purchases made using the exclusive link.

Full qEEG Brain Map Assessment

You can see how your brain is improving with your own eyes when you use the brain training headband.

If you want more information and data about how your brain is performing and what it needs to perform better, then you can schedule a full qEEG Brain Map Assessment with Dr. Trish Leigh using the Muse headband as the hardware. When you sign up for the Brain Map, we give you access to professional software to take your full map at home. Find out more at the link below. Knowing how your brain is performing is incredibly powerful to move you forward on your journey.

Want Help Using Your Muse® Brain Training Headband?

We got you. Dr. Trish Leigh has developed a short course called Brain Training 101 to help you understand your brain performance and how to help it work better. 

Check it out and join below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Muse® is more than just meditation, it is brain training. The mind soundscapes offer experienced meditators a chance to gain deeper insights into their practice with real-time feedback while motivating them along the way (even experienced meditators fall off track!). It also allows them to explore other types of meditation and ways to connect with their body, mind, heart, and breath.
No, electroencephalography systems like Muse® are not mind-reading devices. Muse reads your brain signals in the form of electrical energy. Your thoughts are safe.
Muse® has been tested and certified in accordance with US, Canadian, and European safety standards (FCC, UL, CE). Data is transmitted via Low Energy Bluetooth, just like smartwatches and fitness trackers.
Muse® headbands do not require a subscription to access the Mind, Heart, Body, Breath, and/or Sleep Experiences. 
When a Muse® 2 is connected to the Muse®: Meditation & Sleep app via Bluetooth, the Mind, Heart, Body, and Breath sections of the app will automatically unlock.
When a Muse® S is connected to the Muse®: Meditation & Sleep app via Bluetooth, the Mind, Heart, Body, Breath, and Sleep section of the app will automatically unlock.
When you purchase a monthly or yearly Muse® Guided Meditation Subscription, you’ll have access to a rich content library of over 500 meditations from renowned meditation teachers, as well as a variety of relaxation techniques, curated guided mediation collections geared to a particular condition or goal (e.g. sleep, performance, stress and more), and in-depth courses with step-by-step instructions.
The Muse®: Meditation & Sleep app works in tandem with our headbands, giving you real-time feedback on your changing state. The free mobile application allows you to measure your meditation and sleep, track your progress, and improve over time. Personalized charts, graphs, and journals are available after each session.
With the app, you can tailor your meditation to suit your needs and goals. From our expert-led guided meditations to immersive soundscapes, you can choose more or less guidance as you learn to sit, breathe, and experience your calm. With the Muse®: Meditation & Sleep app, see your progress, join meditation challenges, and unlock milestone achievements.
English, French, German, and Spanish-speaking customers are able to experience the Muse®: Meditation USING MUSE® & Sleep app with guided soundscapes in their default phone language setting.
The results of a Muse® session are dependent on the quality of the calibration before your session. Discrepancies in your sessions are generally tied to the calibration stage. This stage is important, as it provides Muse® with a picture of your active brain to compare against during the session. Any sharing of your account, testing during the calibration, calibrating with your eyes open, being overly active, moving, or visualizing things during the calibration could potentially skew your data, creating an inaccurate baseline for your sessions to compare against, generally resulting in a higher calm score.
The Muse application takes each unique session’s calibration as a baseline for the corresponding session. It is very important that you are sitting in a comfortable position with your eyes lightly closed when using Muse®, as having open eyes will impact the experience session. Muse® is very sensitive and will pick up electrical activity from muscles around the eyes, jaw, and brainwaves from visual processing. Even the most advanced machine learning and signal processing techniques for EEG data cannot remove all sources of noise, so getting good electrode contact and reducing body and movement is an important part of using Muse® effectively.
Electroencephalography (EEG) sensors — of which there are 5 in Muse® 2 and Muse® S — measure tiny fluctuations in voltage on the head (directly on the skin). This can be filtered and analyzed to reflect changes in brain state, responses to stimuli, and neuroplastic changes in the brain. The same technology is extensively used in brain research. Other sensors in Muse®, including cardiac and movement sensors, monitor blood flow, breathing, and motion in the same way Fitbit and the Apple Watch do (PPG and MEMS). One important distinction is that there are advantages to measuring movement and aspects of cardiovascular physiology on the head because the head reflects aspects of behavior and physiology that the wrist does not.