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Want to find out if working with me is a good fit? Schedule your private consultation HERE for just $29. You will speak directly with me, Dr. Trish Leigh, via zoom and get all your questions answered first hand. 

Neurofeedback Professionals

Become the expert you always wanted to be.

Join Dr. Trish Leigh’s monthly recorded clinical coaching workshop to improve your skills, have her interpret your brain maps or trend screens for you, or now she can even implement Neurofeedback in your office completely on your behalf. Receive everything you need to grow your business and gain competitive advantage. You get the skills and the tools. Nothing is left out. Learn how to implement this method in your practice today.

Peak Performance Neuro-Coaching 

with Dr. Trish Leigh for Professionals to Thrive

Learn how your brain is holding you back and how you can get ahead.

As a professional, so many times it is hard for you to see that you are not performing at top levels. Don’t wait until you start to slip to realize that you are heading toward burnout and exhaustion. Recover today, with lasting success. 

Especially if you struggle with lack of focus, anxiety, or addiction, you are in the right place. Expertise you can count on with Dr. Trish Leigh’s powerful formula! Get the expert coaching and tools you need to get ahead today.