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Doctor, Professor, Presenter, Educator, Coach, & Unabashedly Hopeful Optimist

Considered an innovative, multi-disciplined thought leader, Dr. Trish Leigh’s mission is to inspire you to heal your brain to live your best authentic life.

As a Cognitive Neuroscientist, Dr. Leigh is on a mission to help people overcome anxiety, attention, and internet addiction issues that drain your brain and energy.

She helps people get unstuck and back on track through powerful digital programs, remote neurofeedback and personal coaching, and private, individual 3-day in-person intensive sessions.

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Dr. Trish uses her enthusiasm, skills, and knowledge to help others improve their brain performance and lives.

Everything she does and teaches is based on neuroscience and is proven to work.

Dr. Leigh has taught and coached many thousands of people for over 25 years. She is a Board-Certified Neurofeedback practitioner, Certified Brain Health Coach, Certified Sexual Addiction Recovery Coach, scholar, and holds many college degrees in varied disciplines. Dr. Leigh is held in the highest regard by esteemed colleagues and clients alike. She can help you control your brain, so it no longer controls you.

Which Leads to YOU.

Dr. Trish Leigh is here to serve.

Her company is built on brains (pun intended!), a passion for potential, commitment to possibility through action, and a foundation of love. Through her free content, paid online workshops and live events, she is here to make a difference in your life.

What Dr. Trish Leigh knows is that smart, seemingly small changes can have a massive ripple effect in your life and all the lives you touch. Whether you believe it or not, you have the power to change your brain and in so doing change your life, and the world around you.


The Highlights


Dr. Trish Leigh has studied, practiced clinically and taught students on the principles of improving brain performance for many years.

Dr. Leigh has been a teacher, clinician, and professional presenter for 25 years, sharing her knowledge and insight in a fun and engaging way with organizations large and small.


Dr. Trish Leigh has Ph.D. training in 2 areas, 2 Master’s degrees and a Bachelor’s degree too. She uses her traditional education combined with her real-world experience to help people feel and perform better and help others do the same. 


  • Ph.D. Communicative Disorders and Sciences
  • Ph.D. Track Cognitive Science
  • Master of Education, Educational Leadership
  • Master of Arts, Speech-Language Pathology
  • Bachelor of Science, Speech-Language Pathology


  • Sexual Addiction Recovery Coach CertificationAmerican Academy of Sex Addiction Therapists
  • Brain Health Coach CertificationAmen Clinics
  • Board Certification NeurofeedbackThe Biofeedback Certification Alliance
  • Childhood Developmental Learning Disabilities and Behavioral Disorders CertificationInternational Association of Functional Neurology and Rehabilitation
  • Tomatis Method Neuro-Modulation Sound Therapy Certification

Interesting Qualifications Most People Don’t Know


How Porn Brain Reboot Got Started...

Years ago, if you would’ve asked me what I thought about porn, I wouldn’t have even looked up from my desk. I didn’t care either way.

That’s because I didn’t know of porn’s harmful effects on brains, people, and society. Then, on a hot July afternoon, frozen in front of me in my office, was the effects of this devastating brain issue. I didn’t even realize it at first. Here was one of my favorite patients, crippled with anxiety, depression, moodiness, brain fog, memory issues, and erectile dysfunction (that I also didn’t know about), suffering deeply. I had no choice but to figure it out and help. 

Long story short, I started to do the research on pornography consumption and its impact on the brain, thinking, mental health, and body. I could not believe what I discovered. I also couldn’t believe that I did not know of porn’s harms up until then.

My mind was blown. The more I learned, the more I needed to know. The more I knew, the more I wanted to help people who have been sucked in by porn and couldn’t find their way back out without help. The hardest part, at first, was that information was so conflicting. I conferred with many professionals. Depending upon who I was talking to, some thought porn was fine, others had no opinion (like I used to), and still others thought it was harmful. Then I discovered the truth.

Porn is the number one way that Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder (CSBD), as diagnosed in the International Classification of Diseases – 11th Edition, displays itself. What this means is that many people, mostly men, have acquired an unhealthy relationship to pornography and sex and it creates a diseased mechanism in brain performance that keeps its use going. The cause of CSBD is a combination of neural mechanisms, genetics, mental health, environment, and socialization.

Having earned multiple degrees and certifications, I felt perfectly poised to take my credentials one step further to help so many people in need. After training under some of the leading professionals in the sex addiction recovery field, and receiving professional coaching certification from the American Academy of Sex Addiction Therapists, I began to work with hundreds of people who have been harmed by watching porn. In doing so, not only was I able to help my favorite patient and so many others, I have developed an integrated, holistic approach informed by many aspects of science, therapy and healthcare.

My proprietary program formula combines all the aspects of healing that are necessary to overcome the root cause of a porn habit. Thus, it addresses the underlying issues of porn use and helps people heal their brains and re-create their lives. This way they never need porn again.

I am glad you are here today. I know how much courage it takes to contemplate seeking help, never mind actually getting it. I am really proud of you for taking the first step toward your healing. You are stronger than you know.

The foundation of a porn habit is shame and shame keeps it going. I want you to know that there is no judgment here, just loving guidance and support. This digital program capitalizes on the Triple A’s that porn takes advantage of: Affordable, Accessible, and Anonymous. We never have to meet, if you don’t want to, and you can still get the help you need. Of course, I would love to meet you and personally be able to see the smile on our face when you accomplish your goals and achieve you full potential. But, alas, you can take this program and succeed in private too. Either way, I can’t wait for you to get started and build a life of dignity and integrity with your head held high. Let’s do this!

Jamie Watson

Executive Assistant to Dr. Trish Leigh

Jamie joined Dr. Trish Leigh after many years of serving people in all areas and types of addiction recovery. After moving to North Carolina from Virginia, she became a major contributor to the mental health field in her area. With a family history of addiction and recovery, Jamie understands the struggle that people experience and the impact that it has on families. With a strong interest in personal development, Jamie encompasses the empathy, understanding, and fortitude that is essential for helping people quit porn and reach their full potential. 

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