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Find Out What Your Brain Needs to Heal.

Work Directly with Dr. Trish Leigh

Now you can have your brain assessed AT HOME with easy-to-use, state-of-the-art technology.

A Brain Rewire Assessment can show you exactly how your brain, mind, and body are performing. More importantly, how they are impacting your life.

Neuro-Bio-Psycho-Social Total Nervous System Rewire. This is a whole-person approach. Dr. Trish Leigh can point you in the direction of success.

It is so easy to complete your brain rewire four-point nervous system assessment at home. You provide a detailed personal history and take specialized assessment measures programmed just for you, based on your needs. Dr. Trish Leigh will analyze your brain graphs using the brain-sensing headband and then you will meet with Dr. Leigh in a video conference to discuss the results. You will see how your brain performance is affecting your life… with your own eyes. 

This way, you can begin to heal right away. You will see how your brain functions and what it needs to work better so you can feel and perform better immediately.



You start with a top-tier assessment to understand how your brain performance contributes to your symptoms, sleep issues, stress, addictions, and more. Meet personally and privately with Dr. Trish Leigh. She can help you.

Brain Training

Then, using our advanced Brain Shift online Neurofeedback Platform, you will get all of the high-tech training and support from Dr. Leigh & Co. that you need to achieve a stronger, better brain. Elite technology and Dr. Leigh's compassionate support will help you get results quickly.

High-Tech. Analysis

Dr. Leigh will take the time to analyze and share visually how your brain is performing and what it can do to perform better. You will also learn if your brain pattern is associated with any symptoms or diagnoses Then you will know how to rock out your best life.

Neuro Coaching

Monthly coaching sessions with Dr. Trish Leigh will assure you that you are on the right track to achieve the brain performance you need to feel and perform better. Dr. Leigh will give you 3 personal coaching strategies designed specifically for your needs. Feel better fast.

Why Would I Want a qEEG Brain Map Assessment?

Simply put, so you can see how your brain performance impacts your body, mind, and adds to the symptoms that you are experiencing. Knowledge is power.

Then you can make your brain work better so you feel and perform better. It is that simple.

You might not realize that your brain performance is impacting how you feel and how you perform. If you struggle with anxiety, lack of focus, internet addictions, or any other brain-based challenge (see the list below), then your brain is using a dysregulated brain performance pattern. Dysregulated means less than optimal. The regulated, optimal brain performance pattern is one of calm focus and allows seamless self-regulation.

If you do not feel calm and focused and if you are not able to do things you want to do, then your brain has room for improvement. You can see how it can improve using a four-point assessment.

Three reasons to have your brain evaluated:

Get the help you need with top-tier technology and elite guidance from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Who Benefits from a Brain Rewire Evaluation?

Honestly, everyone.

But, our special brain rewire assessment helps to visually display the brain performance pattern at the root of ADHD, anxiety, internet addictions, depression, concussion, dementia, and others. 






Our brain cells communicate through electrical impulses which make up your brain performance pattern.

These different patterns are associated with states of mind and body, from memory problems, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, addiction, depression, traumatic brain injury (TBI), PTSD, and other mental health conditions.

Using a high-tech brain-sensing headband, our system can read how your brain is performing and display it visually for you to understand, with Dr. Trish Leigh’s help of course.

The brain pattern that you use affects your thoughts and feelings.

You can have a pattern of excessive fast-speed use in the brain that might contribute to anxiety or a low magnitude of power that contributes to poor focus. You can see different brain map types below.

The good news is that you can encourage the use of a new brain performance pattern using technology and behavioral neuro coaching.

You can teach your brain to alter its performance pattern by adjusting the speeds it uses throughout your day and life. This is one of neurofeedback brain training’s primary goals. The first step is to measure your current brain pattern behavior using a brain rewire assessment, which provides a baseline brain performance assessment. This way, you know how your brain is performing before you start training it. You can see, with your own eyes, how it is contributing to your symptoms and challenges.

Using the specialized headband Dr. Trish Leigh can read how your brain is performing using Electroencephalogram (EEG).

Dr. Trish Leigh analyzes the EEG results of your data to identify problematic patterns and generate a visual representation of the findings. Dr. Leigh can see how your brain affecting your life and she shares the results with you in a live meeting. 

See if you Qualify.

Schedule your Discovery Session with Dr. Trish Leigh today to see if you qualify as a strong candidate. In the session:

1. How your brain is impacting your life. 

2. What your brain needs to perform better. 

3. Answers to all your questions about how Dr. Leigh can help YOU.

Dr. Leigh works only with clients who highly qualify for her services. Talk with her personally to see if it is a good fit for you.

($149.00 deposit, applied to your program upon enrollment)

Depending upon how your brain is performing to contribute to your symptoms, your brain map will look different with different color patterns.

A full qEEG Brain Map is included in Your Brain Rewire Assessment.

Using our specialized premier remote brain mapping system, you will receive a full qEEG brain map. You can perform it yourself in under 30 minutes at home.

qEEG Brain Map Benefits

What Will My Brain Map Look Like?

It is hard to tell specifically what your individual brain map will look like.

However, here are some examples of common brain maps associated with anxiety, attention, and internet addiction issues. The below brain maps are actual client brain maps used with permission. 

Anxiety Brain Map

Anxiety is created and perpetuated using extra fast brain speed High Beta. In this map, you can see that High Beta is being used with 3 times the magnitude a healthy brain should use. This makes a person feel anxious, rushed, and overwhelmed.

This brain map is associated primarily with:

  • Anxiety
  • Panic Attacks
  • PTSD
  • OCD
  • Eating Disorders
  • Bell’s Palsy
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Tinnitus
  • Misophonia
  • Insomnia and Sleep Issues

ADHD & Neurodevelopmental and Neurodegenerative Disorders Brain Map

Ok, I know what you are thinking, isn’t that a big category? Well, yes, it is. However, there is a good reason. If you, or your child, struggle with ADHD, learning challenges, or another neurodevelopmental challenge it is because the brain is using too much slow processing speed, Theta, in a specific area of the brain.

The map above shows slowing in the frontal lobe which primarily impacts attention and results in ADHD. If this pattern occurs in the speech areas of the brain, speech is impaired. Movement is impacted if it affects the motor cortex, and so on. The pattern of excessive slow speed in the brain, which I refer to as “braking in the brain” is the culprit for many developmental delays and disorders.

At the same time, if you or a loved one is experiencing a neurodegenerative disorder it is Theta, slow speed, that is at the source. When the brain slows down prematurely, issues result. Acquired neurological issues, such as stroke, can also create excessive slowing in the brain that can result in cognitive, physical, and mental health issues.

This brain map is associated primarily with:

  • ADHD / ADD
  • Learning Challenges
  • Nystagmus
  • Stroke
  • Aphasia
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Brain Fog
  • Reactive Attachment
  • Neurodevelopmental and Neurodegenerative Disorders
  • Speech and Language Disorders

Low Focus Brain Map

Low Beta is the medium-fast brain speed that helps you to focus and get things done. Difficulty focusing, low motivation, and brain fog may result from too little low beta power as seen on this brain map indicated in blue. When we increase your low beta power you feel great and can think clearly.

This brain map is associated with:

  • Focus Issues
  • Brain Fog
  • Sensory Processing Disorders
  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Concussion and Head Injury
  • Physical and Emotional Trauma
  • Betrayal Trauma
  • Autoimmune Disorders

Internet Addiction Brain Map

I refer to Alpha medium brain speed as “couch mode”. If you use the internet compulsively, especially with explicit content, it floods your brain with the pleasure-seeking neurochemical dopamine.

This dopamine deluge increases the use of Alpha, medium brain speed, so you feel good. With consistent use, alpha speed sustains an increased magnitude of 3 times too much and can create feelings of depression, low motivation, brain fog, and more.

At lower levels, gaming and technology can produce a similar brain map with similar cognitive and mental challenges.

This brain map is primarily associated with:

  • Internet Addiction
  • Explicit Internet Addictions
  • Gaming Addiction
  • Technology Addiction

How Do I Know My Brain Has Improved and Healed?

Well, it’s easy.
You can see it with your own eyes.

Of course, you feel it too. Your newfound sense of calm focus will be validated by the improvements visualized in your brain map. 

Discover how Neurofeedback Coaching with Dr. Trish Leigh can heal your brain and improve your life.

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