Restore Your Brain - Change Your Life. It is that Simple.

Not sure how to move forward with healing your brain and improving your life?

Anxiety, Attention, Arousal Dysfunction, and Internet Addictions Can Keep You Stuck in a Downward Spiral. Meet with our team to learn what you need to heal.

This powerful meeting can be the difference-maker in your life. Stop suffering in silence and be heard. Learn about solutions.

A brain check consultation with a trained neurocoach is available to help you get unstuck and move forward toward success. In this fifteen minute introductory meeting you will learn how you can discover how your brain is performing, the areas and amounts of brain dysfunction, and the dysfunctional brain patterns that your brain is using. If you use the brain training headband, your trained neuro coach can review your brain graphs with you. See what your brain needs to heal with your own eyes. Ultimately, you will know exactly what you need to move forward. You will have a plan.  


Brain Check Consultation

Get a customized 3 Step Brain Healing Plan. In this meeting you will DISCOVER what your brain needs to heal from a highly trained, specialized neuro coach. Don't spend another day stuck and suffering. Help is available now.

Not sure how to get started? at Dr. Trish Leigh & Co. we work with people from all over the world. We can make a plan for you and help you follow through using state-of-the-art technology and advanced neuroscience in a simple way from home. It is easy to do but has HUGE results. Find out how we can help you today.  Schedule a private zoom meeting with our highly trained specialized neuro coach. Spots are limited, so schedule now. 

A 15-minute Brain Check-in Includes:

Don’t stay stuck feeling hopeless, frustrated, and alone. We can help you discover what you need to heal anxiety, attention, arousal dysfunction, and internet addictions. Don’t delay, schedule today.