Ideas to Improve Focus, Stress, and Productivity


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rach your goals through brain training

Reach Your Goals Through Brain Training

Let’s talk about how you can reach your goals through brain training. Goals are completely necessary in order to achieve anything. So many people don’t…
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sex and porn addiction help

Porn Addiction Characteristics

Trying to figure out if your man’s porn watching is a porn addiction can be slightly challenging. There are clear porn addiction characteristics that you…
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sleep better to improve anxiety

Sleep Better to Improve Anxiety.

Do you want to sleep better to improve anxiety? Well, believe it or not, it could be the key. But, how do you do that…
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What Causes Addictions?

If you want to know what causes addictions, then you are in the right place. It is your brain. People do not realize that our…
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DIY Brain Tip: Crank Up Some Tunes!

I have music playing in my home a lot, all different kinds throughout the day. Very often my whole crew will random dance in our…
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Lessons Learned from a Near Death Experience

So, yesterday was two of my kids’ birthdays. Yes, they are born on the same day, just 4 years apart. My youngest just turned 8.…
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3 Tips to Beat Holiday Stress

You call it holiday time, I call it High Beta time due to all the stress. The holidays are here and we could all use…
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3 levels of neurofeedback brain training

3 Levels of Neurofeedback Brain Training

I hope this post helps you understand the 3 levels of Neurofeedback Brain Training. Level 1 – Professional Neurofeedback Brain Training with a Provider The…
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Neurofeedback Calms Anxiety

Many recent studies show that Neurofeedback helps reduce anxiety in different ways, for many different types of people. What “types of people” you might be…
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