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Brain Rewire Method

Your success is important to us.
We holistically address the root cause of anxiety, attention, ED, and addiction issues.

Rewiring  your brain for healthy performance can be complex. Dr. Trish Leigh CAN help you. 

The way you use your mind and body, your relationships, environment, and personality — all of you— matters in controlling your brain for success. We use education, clear, decisive action steps, and personalized support to help you accomplish your goals.


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Rewire Your Brain from the Inside – The Key to Success within our unique method.

Anxiety, ADHD, ED, and addiction are brain dysfunction problems.

Our method gives you the most powerful, scientifically proven strategies and 2024 technology to rewire your brain. You will learn how to use it from Dr. Trish Leigh, Cognitive Neuroscientist, board-certified Neurofeedback practitioner and Neurofeedback Expert consultant. You will have premium tools with top-level guidance.

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Our Proven “3x3 Method” for Lasting Success

Dr. Trish Leigh's approach integrates the three crucial aspects in three fundamental areas for long-term lasting success. We call it a “3x3” method to control your brain.

We help you:
(1) un-wire, re-wire, and hard-wire your brain to integrate 
(2) your mind, body, and spirit 
(3) through resolving the past, rebooting the present, and setting aim toward the future. 

You will learn theory and practical actions steps to take immediately. This comprehensive approach will help you decrease anxiety, increase focus, overcome ED, and create a life you love so much you won’t want to escape into addictions ever again. By doing this, you will rewire your brain and get your life on track. The best part is that it is all proven effective by neuroscience. 

Un-Wire / Re-Wire / Hard-Wire

Our method addresses the root causes of your challenges with anxiety, attention, and addiction.

Un-Wire the Past

First, you will un-wire the rigid brain pattern that you are stuck in from past programming and experiences. This brain pattern perpetuates anxiety, arousal issues, lack of focus, and the need to escape.

Once restored, it is easier to makes changes to improve your life.

Re-Wire in the Present

With greater neuroplasticity in your brain, it becomes easier to change and improve. We use a top-down / bottom-up approach to re-wire your brain to work better, helping you feel and perform better, too.

Brain training with state-of-the-art technology re-wires your brain from the top down, so that your mind and body feel and perform better. Rebooting your routines, habits, thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and behaviors continually re-wires your brain, from the bottom up, to stay healthy.

This makes it easier & faster to relax, focus, and engage in new, fantastic ways.

Hard-Wire for the Future

Setting goals, improving personality type, and establishing a lifestyle that facilitates healthy brain use ensures future success and staying on purpose in your life.

We help you solve the issue from the inside out.


Our programs are structured in an intuitive format, easy-to-use & understand.

Organized, intentional programming, delivered by Dr. Trish Leigh, will teach you the neuroscience behind the strategies that you can implement in your life immediately. Specific and deliberate techniques will help you gain traction and momentum early on.


Non-judgmental support & understanding, combined with top-level knowledge and skills, are at the heart of everything we do.

From our carefully crafted programs to motivation and inspiration given in our live meetings, we help you feel strong and confident along the journey. qEEG Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback Coaching can provide you with more personalized brain-based support to help you accomplish your goals.

Action Steps

Know what to do to succeed.

Techniques that incorporate the most recent scientific findings are presented, by Dr. Trish Leigh, with anecdotal stories to help you put them to use with ease.

Knowing the “how” and “why” of your own process will help you control your brain to think better and feel better.

The Neuro-Bio-Psycho-Social Approach to Improve Anxiety, Attention, & Addictions

The biopsychosocial model of addiction originates from a combination of genetic, social, environmental, and physiological factors.

In an advanced way, Dr. Trish Leigh adds the neurological components to this traditional method for better results, faster and with less struggle. The Control Your Brain programs address each one of these aspects of your life to create a holistic and sustainable model of success.

The Control Your Brain Programs use the most effective, evidence-based frameworks to inform our paradigm. 

Our proprietary method combines a unique mix of advanced therapeutic modalities that are clinically validated to be highly effective for improving brain health.

Neuro-Modulation Techniques

Neuro-Modulation is a growing area in healthcare that “alters nerve activity through targeted delivery of a stimulus”. Our approach does not put anything into the brain, rather it teaches it to perform better through feedback of its performance. Anxiety, ADHD, and Addiction are shown to be due to irregular brain patterns that can be changed. This method is proven highly effective for improving the underlying brain mechanisms at the root of anxiousness, lack of focus and behavioral compulsions.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy principles are used in our approach to help address problematic thoughts and feelings. By finding connections between thoughts, feelings and actions it becomes easier to implement new routines and behaviors.


Awareness of your thoughts and feelings in the present moment improves decision making and implementation of brain-based strategies and action steps. Specific techniques for resetting the brain, using easy and flexible meditation techniques, can help improve baseline brain performance and feelings of stress, anxiety, boredom, and overwhelm.

Positive Psychology

Cultivating and creating new, positive thought processes to inform new choices and behaviors contributes to the efficacy of our approach. Discovering and creating calm, focused joy in your life helps to sustain a new, better brain performance pattern for lasting change.

Integrated Theory

Translating theory into practice improves learning and outcomes. Our approach teaches the theory behind the strategies, so you know the “why” and “how” of change.


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