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Many people with attention and focus issues think their options are limited. If you struggle with attention and focus, you should know that it has been proven to come from how a person’s brain performs. You should also know that brain performance patterns can be improved to help reduce and alleviate symptoms. We can perform the proper testing to show you what is happening in your brain. You deserve to find out. Once you know how your brain is working, our team can help you with advanced treatment for a better way of life.

What are the Symptoms?

People with ADHD experience an ongoing pattern of the following types of symptoms:

  • INATTENTION: Having difficulty paying attention
  • HYPERACTIVITY: Having too much energy or moving and talking too much
  • IMPULSIVITY: Acting without thinking or having difficulty with self-control

Some people with ADHD mainly have symptoms of inattention. Others mostly have symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsivity. Some people have both types of symptoms.


Signs of INATTENTION may include challenges with:

Signs of HYPERACTIVITY AND IMPULSIVITY may include challenges with:

Other mental disorders may occur with ADHD, including anxiety, mood, and substance use disorders.

What is the Cause of ADHD?

ADHD, also known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is a brain-based condition that directly affects the set of brain functions and behaviors that limit concentration, memory, motivation, effort, learning, impulsivity, hyperactivity, organization, and social skills.

ADHD is a serious concern, however, it should be noted that many people who suffer from it can go on to live happy and successful lives. This is caused by the use of too much slow brain processing speed called Theta. Some people are born with excessive Theta use, which causes their symptoms. We know that ADHD runs in families because this brain pattern can be passed down. You can create screen-induced ADHD from too much screen time.

As you can see on the qEEG Brain Map below, ADHD can easily be seen as the color red in Theta.

At Dr. Trish Leigh, we work with children, teens, and adults who struggle with this condition.

Dr. Leigh is dedicated to helping each group by providing therapy that changes their brain pattern and lives, for the best. ADHD is the most common childhood neurobehavioral challenge.

The ADHD Institute has measured the prevalence of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder as between 5.29% and 7.1% worldwide, with the United States at the upper end of that scale. For the last 50 years, brain training has been shown effective and safe to reduce ADHD symptoms.

Advanced Medication-Free Treatment

Dr. Trish Leigh will help put you on a better path by understanding what is happening in your brain and how to help yourself. She is a highly trained Brain Coach with over 25 years of experience helping families.

Our team will conduct a comprehensive brain-based qEEG Brain Map Assessment to determine the underlying brain pattern associated with attention and behavior challenges. Together, they will guide you toward making the best decisions for long-term success.

It is easy. ADHD can be seen on a qEEG Brain Map. The first step in the process is to have a proper evaluation to see how your brain is causing your symptoms. Not only does the Brain Map show you if you have the brain performance pattern for ADHD, but it also shows Dr. Trish Leigh precisely what needs to be done to improve your brain.

What is the Treatment for ADHD?

ADHD improves when your brain uses less Theta slow brain speed. Brain Training 101 is the most accessible and affordable way to start brain training at home or qualify for Neurofeedback Therapy by having a qEEG Brain Map.

During Neurofeedback sessions, you simply relax, and the advanced technology does all the work. Neurofeedback brain training can even be done at home with the guidance of our professional team. During the sessions, the computer rewards your brain for making less Theta by playing your screen bright and your audio loud. If your brain uses more Theta, your screen dims, and sound lowers. Through this continual feedback to your brain on how it is performing, your brain learns to work better. It is like a workout for your brain.

The best part is that you can see your brain performance improve on charts and graphs of your progress. Neurofeedback is completely measurable, and you can see and feel your improvement. You can learn about Neurofeedback HERE.

Science Proves Neurofeedback is an Effective treatment

More scientific studies now prove that neurofeedback is an effective treatment for attention issues.

In fact, even years ago, Harvard University touted it as the future of treatment. Neurofeedback can reduce the use of Theta slow brain speed and increase the speed for calm focus. When your brain performs better, so do you.

While ADHD is something to be concerned about, you can rest a little easier knowing brain-based treatments are available for children and adults who have struggled with ADHD. For over 60 years, these methods have been proven to be safe, all-natural, and effective.


We offer brain training 101 or qualify for our top-tier service, Neurofeedback Treatment, from the comfort of your home with our professional guidance. Get all your equipment delivered straight to your door! Have your brain evaluated with a qEEG Brain Map. See the results for yourself.