How Can Self-Love Help You Overcome Screen Brain?

Reminder: Self-love is the first step to reclaiming your health and happiness. Start your journey today!

Have you ever felt trapped by the constant pull of screens or struggled with health issues related to mold exposure? I’ve been there, too, and I understand how overwhelming it can be. But let’s take a moment to reflect on a different perspective that starts with looking in the mirror.

Hi there! I’m Dr. Trish Leigh, and I’ve been there too. Whether it’s dealing with screen addiction, the impact of explicit content, or chronic illnesses worsened by mold, it’s easy to point fingers at external factors. However, it’s crucial to recognize our role in these situations—not to blame ourselves, but to empower ourselves.

From my journey with screen brain and mold brain, I’ve realized that while doing my best, I didn’t always have the strength or knowledge to make the right decisions early on. 

This realization is not about guilt but finding the power to change. When you look in the mirror, forgiving yourself and acknowledging your strength is crucial. This is the first step towards a brighter future.

Here’s a powerful brain hack I recommend to overcome screen brain: 

Look in the mirror and address yourself by name.

Say, “You’ve got this, [Your Name]. You can do this. This journey is not your fault, but it is your responsibility. You are tough, strong, and deserving of a vibrant life.”

This exercise isn’t just motivational fluff—neuroscience shows that using your name helps reinforce your determination and self-belief.

This technique has been transformative for me. When I look in the mirror, I adopt my Wonder Woman power pose and tell myself, “Trish, you’ve got this.” This practice, backed by neuroscience, helps shift my mindset and fuels my resilience.

Now, it’s your turn. Close the door, look in the mirror, and say to yourself,

“[Your Name], You’re strong, you’ve got this, and you are worthy of the life you desire.”

It might feel silly initially, but this simple act can empower you to reclaim control over your brain and life.

If you’re battling screen brain, mold brain, addiction, or chronic illness, remember that you have the power to overcome these challenges. Let’s support each other in this community, and together, we’ll crush these obstacles. Your story could be the inspiration someone else needs, and someone’s story could be the motivation you’re seeking.

Take back your power and control your brain, or it will control you. Let’s do this!

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