How to Treat Anxiety? The #1 Mistake You Might Be Making

If you’re reading this, you’ve found a good place to see how to treat anxiety. It can be an overwhelming force in your life. You know it can range from minor nuisance to wholly disruptive and debilitating. 

Dr. Trish Leigh wants to share with you the number one mistake that people make when they’re treating their anxiety.

Sometimes, the mistake is made simply because they don’t know about the entire picture when it comes to anxiety. Other times, it’s because they don’t understand. 

This blog is your guide to understanding the truth behind how to treat anxiety so you can successfully return to living the joyful, fulfilling life you deserve.


The #1 Mistake You Might Be Making When Treating Anxiety

What people don’t understand is that anxiety, at its core, is a brain dysfunction or dysregulation. Scientific research has shown that anxiety is linked to a dysregulated brain pattern and autonomic nervous system dysfunction.

It’s essentially a brain pattern that’s running very fast. Its brain uses excessively high beta—that’s its name—for extra-fast speed. 


Are you stuck in high beta?

If you’ve been battling anxiety for a while, your brain might be stuck in high beta mode. This means your brain is running at a breakneck speed, making it feel like you’re always on high alert.

That brain pattern is stuck in it, like when a car with a manual transmission is stuck in overdrive. 

It’s challenging to unstick that gear from your brain’s current use and return it to the healthy gears of alpha and low beta. So, the idea is to shift your brain out of anxiety mode into calm focus.


Neurofeedback Has Answers to Treat Anxiety

Here’s the exciting part: neurofeedback brain training can help! This cutting-edge treatment can restore your brain from high beta mode to a healthy rhythm. You need to know that with lifestyle changes, neurofeedback can help you achieve lasting calm and focus.

People don’t understand there’s measurable science that says that if you struggle with anxiety, it’s because your brain is stuck in the mode of excessive extra fast speed that leads to those feelings of anxiety.

During a neurofeedback session, you only need to sit back, relax, and watch a movie. Yes, it’s that simple! This process creates neuroplasticity, helping your brain break free from high beta rigidity and shift to a more balanced state.

Neurofeedback & Chill

And as you’re doing the session, there’s nothing you need to do except relax. And when you relax, it creates more neuroplasticity in your brain pattern. 

It breaks the neuro rigidity and stuckness of being in high beta so your brain can easily change and shift. It’s a passive treatment, so you don’t have to think about it, which is why it works. 


Level Up The Away You Trear Anxiety:

  • Unlock the Secrets of Your Brain: The top-tier program starts with a qEEG brain map. This cutting-edge tool lets you assess your brain activity from the comfort of your home. Imagine a brain map delivered straight to your online portal and app!
  • Personalized Plan, Real Results: Based on your brain map consultation, intake form, and lifestyle details, Dr. Leigh will analyze your unique situation. During our Zoom session, she’ll connect the dots between your symptoms and brain activity.
  • Don’t Just Manage, Transform: The most powerful part? A personalized neurofeedback plan tailored specifically for you. You’ll work with me and my team of coaches to improve brain performance and create synergy between your mind and body.


If you’re not quite ready for a personalized plan, that’s okay! You can join Brain Training 101, a group coaching program offering a brand-new prerecorded monthly lesson, a live webinar with Dr. Leigh, meetings with our specialized coaches, and more!


You have the power to overcome anxiety, and we’re here to help you every step of the way!

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