Brain Training 101
to Heal the 4 "Big A" Health Issues: Anxiety, Attention, Arousal Dysfunction and Internet Addictions

Learn to train your brain, by yourself. We will teach you how.
$ 39
per month

This unique, brain training community includes lifetime access to seven advanced, yet easy to understand, neuroscience modules designed for change.

Plus a New Topic Lesson & Discussion Each Month, Monthly Q&A Sessions for each Big A,  Group Coaching Sessions & More

In this program, you will learn to train your brain, anytime and anywhere, using the brain sensing headband and neuroscience strategies. 

Heal the "4 Big A" Health Issues:
Anxiety, Attention, Arousal Dysfunction, and Internet Addictions
with Brain Training

Includes 7 Easy-to-Understand Neuroscience Lessons on:

High Tech. & State-of-the-Art Brain Training Headband

You don't have to have the headband to join our Brain Training 101 Community. But, it is highly recommended. You will learn more about it in the community. If you want to know more now, learn about it here.
Train Your Brain

In Brain Training 101


How your brain works and how to make it work better.

How your brain’s electrical energy falls out as your emotional states, ability to focus, behaviors, and more.

How to use the brain sensing headband effectively and efficiently
for lasting change.

To use action steps and strategies to rise above anxiety and distraction.

See your brain performance
on graphs and learn to understand them yourself.

How to use neuroscience principles to train your brain without technology.

Who is Brain Training 101 for?

Simple, effective brain training could be the missing piece to improve your anxiety, attention, arousal dysfunction, and internet addictions.

This program is perfect for you if you want to learn how to train your brain by yourself, with and without technology, so you feel calmer, more focused, and in control. This is a monthly private community to get you started anywhere and anytime.

Get Started Training Your Brain Today.

This monthly community will get you started with brain training in the most affordable way that you can. Once enrolled, you can use an exclusive 20% discount to purchase your brain training headband. Then Dr. Leigh will teach you how and why to use it. Get the support you need to get started today.

Brain Training 101 to
Heal Anxiety, Attention, Arousal Dysfunction & Internet Addictions

Learn to train your brain, by yourself. I will teach you how.
$ 39
per month

If you are here, you are ready to become the best version of yourself. Let’s Do This!

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