Social Media Addiction: Is Social Media Hijacking Your Brain?

Let’s face it: social media is everywhere. Scrolling through feeds has become a mindless habit for many, myself included. But what if I told you this seemingly harmless activity affects your brain in ways you might not realize?

1. What Is Social Media Addiction?

Social media addiction hooks you in. It creates an extreme urge to log in and use these platforms constantly. This obsession can lead to negative consequences for your mental and physical health, including stress, anxiety, and sleep problems.

Apps like Instagram and TikTok, are designed to keep you scrolling and searching endlessly. This constant seeking triggers dopamine release, similar to what happens when you use porn sites. While the intensity of the dopamine hit might be lower with social media, it remains a powerful tool that can pose risks if not managed properly.

2. Your Brain Performance Pattern

Your brain ends up using speeds, and extremes. A wired and tired brain simultaneously uses extra fast and slow speeds. Dr. Leigh refers to this as a strained brain. If your brain is using extra speed, it’s stressed. If it’s used extra slowly, it’s exhausting and overwhelming.

Frequent exposure to bite-sized content may impact memory consolidation. Deep reading and critical thinking are often sacrificed for quick consumption. The constant influx of information can overwhelm memory systems.

3. Brain Hack Strategy for Social Media Addiction

  • Self-Awareness is Key:

First up is self-awareness. How much time are you spending on social media? Check your screen time settings. It might surprise you!

  • Numbers Don’t Lie, But They Don’t Tell the Whole Story:

It’s ok if the number appears high. Social media can be a valuable tool for work or connecting with friends.  The key is finding a healthy balance.

  • Reduce, Don’t Quit:

Think about ways to gradually reduce your time on social media. Instead of scrolling, engage in activities you genuinely enjoy, such as biking, hiking, surfing, and more.

  • Real-World Rewards:

Engaging in activities you love triggers the release of dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin – known as the happiness trifecta! Hang out with friends, walk, pursue a hobby – find what makes you feel good!

  • Rewire Your Brain for Joy:

Engaging in fulfilling activities will help retrain your brain to seek happiness beyond social media. You’ll feel more present and content in your daily life.

  • Control Your Brain, Live Your Life:

The key is finding a balance. By being mindful of your social media use and engaging in activities you love, you control your brain and well-being.

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