It can be so difficult to heal from a chronic brain-based illness or issue.

Especially when you don’t understand what the underlying cause is. Neurofeedback CAN help. 

These long-term brain challenges produce so much fear and anxiety which impacts stress, focus, and sleep.

Ultimately this can worsen the root issue due to the negative impact on your brain. It can become a vicious cycle. 

We want to help you break free from the endless loop, heal, and create the amazing life you want and deserve.

Our programs are designed to help you learn what your brain needs to heal and then help you do just that. You can get started by yourself or have us help you so that you get powerful results faster.

Pick a Program that works for YOU.

Our programs are designed to meet your specific needs.

Get Your Muse Brain Sensing Headband

Train your brain, at home, by yourself, today.

GOOD if you want to:

  • Train your brain, by yourself, anytime, anywhere you want.
  • Use the high-tech headband to train your brain for calm focus.
  • Improve anxiety, attention, and internet addictions on your own.

Brain Rewire Assessment

Have your brain performance assessed to find out what you need to feel better and reach your goals.

BETTER if you want to:

  • Learn if your brain pattern is associated with any symptoms or diagnoses.
  • Understand how your brain performance is contributing to your stress, lack of focus, sleep issues, and more.
  • See visually how your brain is performing and have it analyzed by a globally recognized brain health leader, Dr. Trish Leigh.
  • Work with a professional, from the comfort of your home, to heal your brain.
  • Discover what your brain needs to work better so you can feel better.

Personalized Home Neurofeedback Brain Training and Coaching

Access the full toolbox of brain healing strategies and techniques delivered directly by me, Dr. Trish Leigh. Customize your brain training plan precisely to meet your needs.

BEST if you want to:

  • Train your brain anytime, anywhere, for comfortable and private sessions.
  • Premier, Individualized, Remote Neurofeedback based upon your qEEG Brain Map.
  • Faster results with personalized Neurofeedback protocols just for your brain.
  • Unlimited Neurofeedback sessions for faster, easier neural change.
  • Streaming/YouTube video access for relaxing, easy brain training sessions.
  • Direct, personal feedback from world-renowned Neuro Coach Dr. Trish Leigh.
  • Measurable charts of how your brain is improving and how it relates to your life.
  • See progress with your own eyes. Receive monthly updates with visual graphs.
  • Lifetime access to powerful neuroscientific strategies for lasting improvement.

Our Approach

Dr. Trish Leigh has designed advanced and complex, yet user-friendly, programs that help you train your brain using technology and neuroscience principles.

This way you can feel and perform better quickly and with greater ease. 

Anxiety, attention, and internet addiction issues are rooted in irregular brain performance. When you train your brain, you stop using the old neural pathways and begin using new, healthier pathways to achieve your goals. Our approach addresses your brain performance, familial patterns, mental state, and environment to addresses all aspects of your life. It is a Neuro-Bio-Psycho-Social approach to improve your brain and your life. 

And guess what, it works

Meet Dr. Trish Leigh

Dr. Trish Leigh, Founder & Lead Instructor

Hi! I’m Dr. Trish Leigh. As a Cognitive Neuroscientist and Brain Health Coach with a varied professional and personal development background, I help people use neuroscience technology and techniques to regulate their irregular brain patterns. When you shift your brain from survival mode to thrive mode, everything in your life improves. It really is that simple.   

Read about my credentials HERE.

Want to know how we can help you or your loved one?

The first step is a consultation with a professional neurofeedback liaison to personally find the solution you have been looking for.

Find Out How Now.

($149.00 deposit needed, which can be added to the program)