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Brain Training 101 to Heal ADHD and Anxiety

Learn the foundational concepts and actions steps to start training your brain on your own.

GOOD if you want to:

  • Use your brain to achieve a consistent calm & focused state.
  • Train your brain by yourself, any time, anywhere you want.
  • Use the high tech headband to train your brain for faster results.
  • Rise above anxiety and distraction.

NOTE: If you’d like to use the Muse Brain Sensing headband for your brain training you will receive a 15% discount link in the program. You do not need the headband for the program.

Control Your Brain to Improve Anxiety and Focus

Get the knowledge and skills in this digital program to build momentum toward optimal change.

BETTER if you want to:

  • Train your brain by yourself, anytime, anywhere you want.
  • Learn 33 powerful neuroscience lessons and action steps to improve focus and anxiety.
  • Stay motivated while you learn how to control your brain for lasting change.
  • Learn to use the high-tech brain training headband for faster results.
  • Lifetime access to these powerful tools to keep you moving forward.
  • Add group coaching with Dr. Trish Leigh for continual growth.

NOTE: If you’d like to use the Muse Brain Sensing headband for your brain training you will receive a 15% discount link in the program. You do not need the headband for the program.

Personalized Remote Neurofeedback Brain Training and Coaching with Dr. Leigh

Access the full toolbox of brain healing strategies and techniques delivered directly by me, Dr. Trish Leigh. Customize your brain training plan precisely to meet your needs.

BEST if you want to:

  • Have a personal brain performance assessment analyzed directly by Dr. Trish Leigh.
  • Unlimited Personalized Remote Neurofeedback sessions for faster, easier neural change.
  • YouTube access for relaxing, easy brain training sessions.
  • Direct, personal feedback from Dr. Trish Leigh.
  • Measurable charts of how your brain is improving and how it relates to your life.
  • Train your brain anytime and anywhere, with direct feedback from Dr. Trish Leigh.
  • Lifetime access to powerful neuroscientific strategies for lasting improvement.
  • Private coaching and inspiration directly from Dr. Trish Leigh to help you succeed.

Our Approach

Dr. Trish Leigh has designed advanced and complex, yet user-friendly, programs that help you train your brain using technology and neuroscience principles.

This way you can feel and perform better quickly and with greater ease. 

Anxiety, attention, and internet addiction issues are rooted in irregular brain performance. When you train your brain, you stop using the old neural pathways and begin using new, healthier pathways to achieve your goals. My approach addresses your brain performance, familial patterns, mental state, and environment to addresses all aspects of your life. It is a Neuro-Bio-Psycho-Social approach to improve your brain and your life. 

And guess what, it works

Meet Dr. Trish Leigh

Dr. Trish Leigh, Founder & Lead Instructor

Hi! I’m Dr. Trish Leigh. As a Cognitive Neuroscientist and Brain Health Coach with a varied professional and personal development background, I help people use neuroscience technology and techniques to regulate their irregular brain patterns. When you shift your brain from survival mode to thrive mode, everything in your life improves. It really is that simple.   

Read about my credentials HERE.

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