Start Your Home Neurofeedback Practice TODAY!

There is no better time to start your home Neurofeedback practice than today.

Honestly, it seems as if many of us may not have a choice. This #coronoavirus situation is making it challenging for people to get into the office. Social distancing has become a real variable in our lives. If you know me, you know that I am psyched because there is nothing that I love more than staying home. But, I digress.

Launch Your Home Neurofeedback Practice Within 24 Hours

I have created a course on how you can establish and launch your Home Neurofeedback practice within the next day to serve your clients in this time of need. The details of this course are below. In all honesty, I will be creating much of the content in real-time based upon what we have done in our practice to continue to serve our patients in this challenging time and try to preserve our income as small business owners.

Blueprint to Start Your Home Neurofeedback Practice TODAY

(& Transition In-Office Patients to Home Neurofeedback in this time of need)

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know to establish and launch your home Neurofeedback practice TODAY. You will get the tools to do so to. Here is what you get.

  1. Why and How Home Neurofeedback?
  2. Length & Design of Home Neurofeedback Program
  3. Pricing, Payments, and Processing
  4. Providing Equipment
  5. Steps in Home Neurofeedback Process: Paperwork & Scripts for each step
  6. On-Boarding Your Client via video conference (Train a technician if you can)
  7. Gauging Progress, Regression, and Communicating it to Clients
  8. Providing Progress Feedback via video conference or phone
  9. Providing Coaching for your Client via video conference or phone
  10. What to do after Your Home Program Ends – back to in-office sessions or maintenance program

You will also get 3 HUGE bonuses with this home neurofeedback practice course.


Scripts, Templates & Forms for:

  • New Patient Calls
  • In-Office Patient to Home Conversion Conversation
  • Home Neurofeedback On-Boarding Session
  • Progress Report Sessions
  • Coaching Sessions


One NeuroCoaching Call with Dr. Trish Leigh

This call is designed to discuss specifics about your particular Neurofeedback Training System and how to establish and sell your program fast.

This discussion will include equipment acquisition, number of systems to use and why, pricing, marketing, profit margins, etc.

This course will help you provide high-level Neurofeedback training at home while establishing a strong profit center for yourself. People are going to need home Neurofeedback training more than ever with quarantines that are creating more family time stress. Home Neurofeedback is being studied in the research more and more and is found to have strong benefits.


Weekly Group Coaching Meetings

Talk with Dr. Trish Leigh each week for 3 weeks in a live group coaching meeting. Ask your questions. Get answers. You can turn your camera on if you want to chat or keep it off if you want to remain unseen.

NOTE: It doesn’t matter what neurofeedback system you use. This is for ALL practitioners. In our video coaching call, we can nail down specifics for you and your business.

Enrollment begins on Wednesday, March 18th, 2020. Don't delay - sign up now.

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