3 Reasons Why Halloween is Good for Your Brain.

My hubbie, Dr. Cosmas Leigh, and I are taking our 6 kids out trick-or-treating tonight and we are all psyched. Did you know that Halloween is good for your brain? Keep reading to find out why.

If you have ever talked to me about meditation then you know I am a fan, and in particular that I fangirl over Dan Harris, the author of 10% Happier.

If you don’t know Dan Harris, he is an ABC new anchor who has been very candid about his struggles with achievement and the anxiety that came out of trying to achieve. Dan developed addictions to try to calm the fire in his brain (my words, not his).

In Dan’s book he talks about meditation as the key to success. I love the title of his book because 10% Happier is alot for most of us. It also conveys the simplicity of meditation and that marginal gains can mean alot.

The below insights are from the 10% Happier blog and you can check out the link below.

3 Reasons Why Halloween is Good for your Brain:

1. We love “Gallows Humor”. We love doing things that are strange and having fun with it. When we engage in spooky humor it sets off the feel good chemicals in our brains giving us a “Halloween High”

2. Fear: Oddly, we love to be scared, within reason of course. That is why many people (not me) love scary movies. The fear makes them feel alive. This boost in alertness can energize your brain. So, BOO!

3. Chaos: Our lives are so scheduled and regimented that a little bit of chaos can feel good to our system. Walking through the streets, running around, dressing up, all in good fun.

So go get yourself some spooky, chaotic, fear and have an AWESOME Halloween.

IF your Brain is Stuck and you cannot enjoy holidays like Halloween and you want to, you need to visit my office website at Leigh Brain & Spine. We specialize in helping people who want to feel and perform better by improving the way their brain is performing. Visit the site now because there is alot of life out there for you.

Want to check out the 10% Happier site? Here it is.


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