Addiction Comeback of the Year Goes to…

Pulling off an addiction comeback is tough. They almost seem surreal when people do it. Especially when they pull them off in a big way. Like Tiger Woods just did. Six years after his downward spiral, Tiger just won the first major since then. His downward spiral consisted of alcohol, pain killers, and sex addiction.

So what started it all? You guessed it, his brain. Most people don’t know that just about all of the thinking, performing, and feeling problems they have started in the brain and loop in the brain. For Tiger, it was a combination of factors that lead to his demise.

First, he had a golf game that was deteriorating. Then his father died. These two factors, presumably, led to anxiety and depression. Anxiety is characterized as worry about the future. Depression is talked about as worry of the past. Tiger had both. An anxious mind is caused and perpetuated by too much high beta extra fast processing speed in the brain. It is a fire within the brain. Anxiousness comes from high beta and it more high beta for even more anxiousness. The key is to break the loop by reducing high beta.

Tiger didn’t reduce his stress and anxiety. He did what most people do. He tried to take the edge off of high beta with temporary fixes. Medications, sex, alcohol, all make the brain feel better in the moment. But, the brain pattern is becoming worse with each temporary fix. Hence addiction. The brain needs more and more of what is making it feel better.

Tiger ended up in a scandal that caused him to lose his family because he had multiple affairs. These affairs, in a backward kind of way, were soothing his brain. Then he had 4 major back surgeries that resulted in an addiction to pain killers. He was found on the side of the road passed out at 3 am due to combining his medications in the wrong way.

Addiction Comeback

Finally, the addiction comeback part. How did Tiger finally get himself together? He reduced his High Beta, whether he knows it or not. When we focus on something we love to do, it increases our use of Low Beta optimal processing speed. The use of this brain speed inherently makes us feel good inside. It also helps to reduce high beta use. Tiger pulled himself together and said at his most recent win “I knew I could do it again!” He felt the shift in his brain. He knew he was back.

If you struggle with an addiction or you can feel the need to calm the fire in your brain then you NEED help. I can help you through my personal neuro training program. Check it out HERE. I mostly work with peak performers, like Tiger Woods, who have gotten into a rut and need to dig out. I am great at getting you digging. We start with your brain and it works.

Neurofeedback is the solution to shift your brain into the mode it needs to be in. The best thing is that at Leigh Brain & Spine we offer Home Neurofeedback.  Home Neurofeedback can give you the edge you need to rid yourself of your addictions without ever leaving your home. This can really be the key to success for people with sex addictions, drug addictions, and alcoholism. I know how hard it is to tell someone you have the problem you have. We offer the Home Neurofeedback program so you can just call us, tell us you want Neurofeedback and we send it to you. We don’t dissect your life or your patterns. We just help you.

One more thing before you go. If you want to know how Neurofeedback works to help you, check out this blog post for all the info. you need. This is How Neurofeedback Works.

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