How to Train Your Brain Without Technology

We’re going to talk about how you can control your own brain without using any technology. You can embark on a new meditation habit. Now meditation is a practice, it is a journey, not a destination. So you are not trying to get anywhere, you are trying to build a habit of calming your brain down. 


How to Train Your Brain Without Technology?

When you sit in meditation you actually feel what your mind and body are doing and learn to slow your mind. So that your brain slows down, and when you do that you bring down the stress and distracted mode to create that perfect processing speed. There is a ton of research on meditation showing that it benefits your brain in that way. 

Therefore, let me give you one example of what you could do and you can seek out more information. If your not a fan of the word meditation because you believe it’s too new age. Then don’t think of it as meditation, think of it as sitting down and doing nothing. So even if you sit down and do nothing. You’re not on your phone, not watching tv, not making a list, you are just sitting quietly doing nothing.

Watch the video I made for a quick explanation and keep reading below to learn more about the topic.

Meditation Technique 

However, when you sit in meditation especially when you develop a practice you can just follow your breath and many times I will say in out. The reason I follow my breath that way is because if I focus on those words then I cannot focus on my day, my husband, or my work. I’m just focusing on my breath and my words. 

How Will This Technique Help You?

This technique will help you focus on something. Therefore, it is going to increase that focus mode in the middle, decrease the distracting mode, and it’s going to calm your system down. Creating this perfect processing speed in the middle and decreasing the stress mode. So you don’t need to use the technology, you can simply start a meditation practice. 

Starting with minutes a day and building that practice up to 20 minutes would be extremely beneficial. You would be interrupting the pattern of constantly using your brain and that alone has huge benefits for you in terms of changing the way that your brain is working. So that you can control your brain so it doesn’t control you. And that is a beautiful first step.


The Difference Between Using Technology and Not Using it?

Technology gives you feedback and can also give you measurable data. This can be shown on a graph in the app on your phone. So when you get done with your meditation practice each day you can look and see how you’ve done. Then what you can do is correlate it to your brain functioning and what you felt. Therefore, creating self-awareness and that can be very powerful for you.


More Information

If you’re interested in using the Muse HeadBand, you can visit my website at or my private practice at If you want to learn more about Neurofeedback Brain Training, visit my youtube channel where there are more in-depth explanations of how it works and more.

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