Skills to Grow Your Neurofeedback Practice

Looking for the skills to grow your Neurofeedback practice? Then look no further. To be a confident Neurofeedback Expert it is critical that you hone these 4 basic skills to create, build, and grow your practice. It is especially important so that you can give your clients an excellent experience while reaching the goals that they came to see you for in the first place. Here are the skills you need to have to grow your Neurofeedback practice:

qEEG Brain Map Interpretation

Ok, so first you MUST know how to interpret a qEEG Brain Map. Not just interpret it a little bit, but interpret it well. If you do not know how to do this, please seek help right away. I can help you with my short course on Brain Map interpretation or private coaching, but you can also seek out other BCIA certified mentors like myself if that feels better. Whatever you do, get help. Your confidence will go through the roof.

It is not just my opinion that you need to know how to interpret a map, the science shows that in the hands of a “skilled clinician” qEEG Brain Mapping is highly effective and has high test-retest ability. So, you need to become that skilled clinician.

Neurofeedback Trend Screen Interpretation

Your trend screens tell you everything you need to know. Honestly, if you know how to read them well they give you even more vital information than the qEEG Brain Map. At Leigh Brain & Spine we love the trend screens. We enjoy reading and interpreting them and even more, we like sharing them with our patients.

Guage Progress with Data and Behaviors

The topic that patients want to talk with me about the most has been the same thing for the past five years. It is this. They want to know how the changes in their brain performance pattern match up to their behaviors. They want to know how their behavior will improve once we have improved their brain. So, using the data that you have from the trend screens graphs you MUST do these two things:

Correlate the initial qEEG Brain Map brain performance pattern with initial behaviors that the person is experiencing. I use science to do this. There is a scientific brain pattern for just about every challenge that is out there. You might not find a study entitled to the exact problem, but if you know how to interpret science, you can find the pattern.

Show how improvements in brain performance roll out into improvements in behavior. This is when I talk with people about breaking the downward spiral (feedback loop) that they are stuck in and with the first signs in behavioral improvement creating a positive feedback loop for lasting change.

Add Value Through Behavioral Modifications

It is one thing to re-wire a person’s brain and entirely another thing to keep it in its new better mode forever. To ensure that people have lasting changes and keep using their new better brain mode, I give them one of my neuro-coaching courses on ADHD, Anxiety & Depression, Concussions, Dementia, and more. People love these courses. The first two modules give them all the information on how the original brain performance pattern was operating, and the last 3 modules give them tips, techniques, strategies, apps, and more that they can use to keep themselves well over time. I have found that this piece is essential to helping people. I would recommend that you help in this way too. If you are not equipped to do this, you could take one of my neuro-coaching courses to learn how to help people change their behaviors.


If you are patient looking for Neurofeedback training and neuro coaching then check out the Leigh Brain & Spine website for more information on our in-office and home Neurofeedback Brain Training programs.

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