3 Levels of Neurofeedback Brain Training

I hope this post helps you understand the 3 levels of Neurofeedback Brain Training.

Level 1 – Professional Neurofeedback Brain Training with a Provider

The first level is an in-office or Home Neurofeedback program provided and supervised by a certified licensed healthcare practitioner. This is designed for you if you have been struggling with brain-based challenges for quite some time. An individualized, therapeutic approach is best to shift your brain in the right direction as quickly and gently as possible. This is best if you have been suffering from the impact of ADHD, mental health, and physical challenges. This program is overseen by a trained physician and involves minimal neuro coaching. The crux of the work lies at the level of the brain responding to the neurofeedback training. This is what is called a “passive” modality. It means that the treatment does all the work while you relax. You will love this model if you do NOT want to talk to anybody, you want the training to do it all for you.

This is the service that my hubs, Dr. Cosmas Leigh, and our awesome team at Leigh Brain & Spine provide. The Brain Shift Program is completely individualized for every single person. This means that Neurofeedback in this way is highly specialized, just for you. It can meet your needs efficiently to shift you into the optimal brain pattern to decrease your struggles. I help as the Neuro Coach and provide three brief sessions with clients. Clients love the bit of coaching they receive and Neurofeedback, in and of itself, improves their brain and their life. You can find out more about our professional level Neurofeedback HERE.

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Level 2 – Personal Neuro Training & Coaching

This second level is designed for people, mainly professionals and peak performers who have reached a point of frustration. Perhaps you once we’re able to crank out work with ease and now you struggle. Once you were clear and focused, and now feel burnt out, lackluster and in need of a break. Even worse, the habits you once did to de-stress have become an addiction. Maybe you used to drink every once and a while and now it’s every night. Maybe you watched some porn and now it’s more often and more graphic than ever.

This is because your brain pattern has progressed over time to create struggles. Those struggles have created consequences. The brain pattern will continue to get worse and your struggles will get worse too. Neuro Coaching is for you. Not only do you need to back out the brain pattern of stress and anxiety, but you also need help in getting on the right track. This is the best program for you. Personal Neuro Training utilizes the Muse Calm headband which offers the perfect protocol to decrease your anxiety and help your brain to focus again. Find out more about it HERE.

Is Neuro Coaching Beneficial for Parents of Kids with Learning & Behavioral Challenges?

Yes. It definitely is. My background in child development and disorders, as well as education and cognitive science, makes me uniquely qualified to help you if you are a parent of a child with struggles. I have been counseling parents for over 25 years. I can help you make strong, positive decisions for your child.

Can I benefit from Neuro Coaching if I’ve already done Neurofeedback in an office?

This program also can help you if you have completed an in-office or Home Neurofeedback program. If you now are ready to define some goals for yourself and want support to accomplish them, I can help you do it. In this program, we will continue to train your brain but, we will also hone in on the life you want to create. Then we take action to make it so. We dissect the behaviors that are likely holding you back and identify new ones to move your forward. I keep you inspired, empowered and accountable. This is how real, lasting change is possible.

One of the best features of this program is that it assesses and then changes all the aspects of your brain, body, and mind that might be limiting factors. Once you understand those ideas, you can change them. The personality test and optimization is a huge highlight of this program. it can make a profound impact on your understanding of yourself and what you can do to become the best version of yourself.

Level 3 – Maintenance Neurofeedback Brain Training

This program is designed for the people in Levels One and Two when they are done with their bigger programs, primarily. However, I have also found that this could be a good introduction to Muse Calm headband too. If you are interested in getting acquainted with brain training then this might be a great introductory service for you. It is not designed to make big changes quickly, but it would let you dip your toe in the water of Neurofeedback. Find out more details about this program HERE. If you’d like to sign up for Maintenance Brain Training, you can do so HERE.

Is there a limitation to the Maintenance Program without a Full Program?

There is one primary limitation and it is this. If you have a significant brain pattern that is disrupting your life, it will likely be very difficult for you to be successful with your Muse Calm sessions without guidance. I have seen this happen many times. Thus, you might become frustrated and deem that it is “stupid and doesn’t work”. These are actual words of a client I worked with before he worked with me. Upon working together, he could see the benefits and life-transforming impact of EEG Biofeedback.


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