DIY Brain Tip: Keep the Booze in Check for a Healthy Brain

Here’s a tip for all you cosmo lovers out there like me!I know how easy it is to fall in to the trap of constantly sipping on cocktails, be it at a party, after work, or on the front porch with friends.

There is a ton of science (want to see some, check out the link below) that shows frequent, persistent, and especially heavy drinking has long-term damaging effects on your brain. Many times, people are not even acutely aware that their thinking and memory problems are a product of their drinking habit. It might just feel like your brain is slow and not working like it used to or you may have bigger challenges of remembering and getting your projects done at work. Good news is that if you begin to cut back on drinking, it is proven that your brain will begin to heal and work better.

So, if you, or someone you love, drinks almost every day, here are some rules to help keep your brain healthy while you enjoy your favorite drinks, social events and routines.

  1. Skip Nights: Don’t drink every day, even if it is just one a day. Give your brain a break. So many people get used to having one drink before bed. This seriously disrupts your sleep cycle (even though you feel like you are getting better sleep) and can prevent your brain from nightly self-healing.
  2. Habit Replacement: Drink water out of a wine glass, or drink tea instead. It may be hard not to pour yourself something at all, so replace your nightly habit with a healthier one. I sit on my porch, almost nightly, with a wine glass full to the top with water. I am sure my neighbors will begin to talk before no time.
  3. 2 is the Limit: I have a friend who limits her drinks in every social situation to 2 over the course of the night like her life depends on it, and it does. Only have 2 drinks and drink water in between cocktails to give your brain time to process the first drink. Drinking water in between tricks your mind into thinking it is still drinking. The full impact of a drink doesn’t hit your system to up to 40 minutes later so give it time so you don’t overdo it.

Enjoy those Mojitos while keeping your brain in tip-top shape across your lifetime. If you feel like you may already be suffering from the impact of too much alcohol over the years, do something about it today. Work with me. My personal neuro training program can set you on the right path for the rest of your life.

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