3 Brain Modes to Feel and Perform Your Best

3 brain modes to feel and perform your best have been proven by science. It is best to get into each of these 3 modes each and every day.

the brain modes are: Survive, Thrive, and Rest.


Most of us area good at Survive mode. Survival mode is activated when you are taking care of all the daily aspects of your life. Work, cooking, cleaning, driving your kids around, solving problems, all survival. Unfortunately, people spend most of their time in survive mode. This one isn’t hard to get into. The key isn’t getting into survive mode, it is getting out of it, even for a little while, each day.

The things I do to get out of survive mode include:

Cooking and drinking wine. This one only counts if I am leisurely cooking, not the whipping meal together for 8 people that I usually do. Can you Trish-Filet-A?

Running: I go for a daily run to boost the feel good chemical and hormones and in my body.

Watching movies: The hubs and I love movies. I usually only watch about 30 minutes at a time but it still counts as a break.



Writing: I love to write. Doing R & D for the topics I will write about is fun and engaging for me.

Making videos: As cheesy as it sounds, I love to make the videos about brains. It puts my brain into a great mode. It is the way I create. My girls perform theater, music and make art. My boys like to code and engineer. The hubs paints and does home projects. I make videos, blog posts, and spread the word of brain control. It’s my art. It is my creative mode.


Power Naps: I love naps. I don’t take them as often as I’d like to, but they refresh the nervous system like nothing else.

Chilling on the couch. I just sat with a few of my kids on the couch yesterday just to chill out. It helps bring the brain down from survival mode to just take a break.

Going to bed early. I sleep like it is my job. Don’t mess with my bedtime. I will not be a happy camper.

You NEED to get into these modes every day. You really need to get out of survival mode to thrive.

If you are stuck in Survive mode and can’t get out, then you need help. That is what Neurofeedback Therapy is for. It can even be done at home these days.

It is my mission to teach people how their brains work and what they can do to Harness Your Brain. Check out my new class.

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