Heal Erectile Dysfunction at Home.

Take Back Control of Your Sex Life Today.

Reclaim your Confidence. Learn How to Heal Sexual Arousal Dysfunction at Home for Long-Lasting Results.

Shame, stress, and embarassment can persist with ED. Sex Arousal Dysfunction can plague you for the rest of your life. It leads to severe performance anxiety, relationship decline, and significant struggles with self-esteem. There is a solution. Dr. Trish Leigh can show you.

Erectile Dysfunction is a complex issue with a simple solution. Yes, simple. Once you understand what is at the root of it, of course. When you know what causes your ED, you can use Dr. Trish Leigh’s 5 R Rewire Approach to heal your sexual arousal dysfunction, by yourself, at home. No office visits, no pills, just a comprehensive step-by-step formula to feel and perform better.

Gain the Knowledge and Skills you NEED to heal ED.

Don't suffer in silence anymore. Find out how to heal ED at home today.

Sexual Arousal Dysfunction Healing At Home Program

21 Lessons & 21 Activities to Create Healthy Arousal to Have Great Sex!

When you enroll in this exclusive coaching program, you get full access to Dr. Trish Leigh’s formula to heal from ED, Delayed and Premature Ejaculation, Performance Anxiety, and More. In this specialized program you will learn from Dr. Trish Leigh:

Dr. Trish Leigh's Approach

ED is a Personal Issue with a Systematic Solution.

You are not alone. Erectile Dysfunction is a very personal issue but what you might not know is that it has a systematic cause that is impacting millions of men. Learn the “how and why” of erectile dysfunction so you can begin to heal it today at home.
Dr. Trish Leigh provides you with all the tools to determine the cause and measure the magnitude of your ED, teach you to use technology and neuroscience at home to heal your arousal dysfunction, and strategies to achieve and maintain strong lifelong erections for healthy sexuality.
$ 299
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  • 42 Jam-packed video-recorded lessons with Dr. Trish Leigh
  • 4+ Hours of Video-Recorded Content with Visuals
  • Step-by-Step, Neuroscience Actions Steps for Each Lesson
  • Measure the Amount of Arousal Dysfunction and How to Heal
  • ED FAQs Answered by Dr. Trish Leigh - Get YOUR Questions Answered
  • Build Healthy Sexuality to Maintain Healthy Erections Long-term
  • Lifetime Access to the Program
  • Discover Advanced Technology to Heal ED at Home
  • Introductory Live Group Coaching Meeting with Dr. Trish Leigh

Erectile Dysfunction has increased significantly in men in last decade. There is a neuroscience reason for the increase and Dr. Trish Leigh wants you to understand it. Once you understand the cause, the solution is within reach.

Want to Discuss Your Situation?

Schedule a Private Consultation with Dr. Trish Leigh

  • Share your situation with Dr. Leigh.
  • Discover the cause of your Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Evaluate the magnitude of your arousal dysfunction.
  • Learn how to heal ED using technology and neuroscience.
  • Understand the 5 R Formula to maintain healthy erections.

($149.00 deposit, applied to your program upon enrollment)

The 5 R’s to Heal Erectile Dysfunction at Home

Dr. Leigh's approach integrates the five crucial aspects to explore and resolve to heal Sexual Arousal Dysfunction.

Learn to:

  1. Resist “supernormal” stimuli that can Desensitize your Brain
  2. Rewire your brain for healthy baseline and sexual arousal
  3. Regulate your nervous system for strong erections
  4. Resensitize the Reward Center in your brain 
  5. Ready, Set, Go in the bedroom for long-lasting pleasure and healthy sexuality

You will learn theory and practical action steps to take immediately. This comprehensive approach will help you heal erection dysfunction and establish a satisfying sex life. The best part is that it is all proven effective by neuroscience.

Romeo Gil
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I absolutely love the 90-day program. I'm still on it and have a ways to go. I came across Dr. Trish Leigh's videos on YouTube while researching how to overcome my P.N. addiction. I went thru multiple videos, but none were as informative as Dr. Trish Leigh's videos. You have such a kind heart and a deep passion for what you do. I look forward to engaging in more of the programs you offer. This has helped me open up and tackle this addiction head on. Thank you for your vids that got me started, and thank you for all that you do.
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I've been with this program for the past five months, and I can tell you that their program is the most useful place I've ever encountered. Dr. Leigh and her team are very helpful and caring when it comes down to when you are facing addiction and other issues you had in the past. Using their tools and strategies, really put the old habits behind. I highly recommend it, you guys!
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This was the most Amazing Journey that has helped me along my pathway. Dr. Trish and Jamie are truly Beautiful people who guide you throughout this process to become a better person for yourself, and others such as family, friends, and partners. I am forever grateful and humbled for this course. The Muse headband has helped me stay focus and grounded with Conscious meditation on a daily basis. Thank You, J.D.
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Dr Trish has been really helpful to me. She helped me balance out my emotions and has given me a framework (a way of thinking) which helps me respond better to life challenges. I continue to work with her for over a year now! I would recommend her to everyone looking to be serious about freeing themselves up from some of the bad habits we all have. If you have doubts if this will really work, just try to get in touch with her or some of the other people in her company. They won't pressure you into doing anything, you can discuss your problem really well with them. This is what I did too (;
David M
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Dr Trish Leigh is great! She really cares about what everyone is struggling with and provides deep thorough easy to understand videos to help anyone overcome this terrible addiction. Her knowledge of the scientific aspects has made the most sense to me in order to understand why we are all struggling and provides the solutions to succeed. Sometimes I feel she cares more for us than we care about ourselves, a most Noble dedication to her profession. I always enjoy her videos and hope she never stops making them, just great stuff, thank you good Doctor.
Mark Dixon
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I have the utmost respect and gratitude for Dr. Trish Leigh and her team. Dr. Trish is quite knowledgeable about the brain, and especially the negative effects that pornography can have on it. She thoroughly educates on what it takes to bring about healing through unwiring, rewiring, and hardwiring the brain for healthier living. She consistently provides regular and free content touching on many related aspects, and also offers programs at various levels for those willing to go further and deeper. She and her assistant Jamie have always been very responsive to me personally. I truly feel like they care. I am quite impressed by Dr. Leigh, and all that she does to recognize the issue of pornography in today's world, and then present solutions to deal with the individuals affected by it in a compassionate, logical and scientific way. I would recommend her and her insights to anyone struggling with pornography in their lives.

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