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Struggling with Chronic Illness, Issues, or Addiction?

Our unique method uses a cutting-edge approach to brain healing that uncovers the root cause of issues that are not discovered by traditional doctors.

Why Neurofeedback Coaching?

We believe it is critical to look at your brain in the context of your life, which includes neurological, biological, psychological, and social influences.

See our full client journey below. 

I'm Dr. Trish Leigh and I just want to say…

Thank you for taking a moment to learn more about how I can help you overcome critical brain-based challenges that drain your brain and energy.

This way you can heal your brain to live your best authentic life.

When making a life-changing transition toward a better you, it is essential to have the absolute best possible resources to give you the ultimate foundation to start with. Our programs are built on Neuroscience. We help people all over the world get their life back and make the shift they need to become the person they strive to be. 

You can do that too. 

At-Home Neurofeedback

Top-tier technology and coaching at your fingertips for fast results.

Your Healing Journey

At Dr. Trish Leigh & Co. we take the guesswork out of healing your brain. Getting to know as much about you, your brain, and your overall life situation is the key to helping you get the answers you need and the solutions you deserve. 

Your healing journey will begin by touching base with our professional Neurofeedback Liaison who will make sure you understand everything you need to know about the process.

Personal History

To help us learn more about you, you will meet with our trained and certified Neurofeedback Coach. 

They will ask about your symptoms and about four key areas of your life – Neurological, Biological, Psychological, and Social. This important information, along with your brain map and other assessments, will be reviewed as an important part of our comprehensive evaluation. 

We want to know your story so we can help. 

qEEG Brain Mapping

Unlike traditional coaching or therapy that rarely looks at the brain, we use qEEG Brain Mapping to analyze the frequency and location of brain activity to assess and address your needs more accurately. 

Through advances in technology, a full evaluation can be performed, by you, in the comfort of your home and then reviewed with your highly trained Neuro Coach via an online meeting. 

All our services are easily accessible, and highly effective, from the privacy and comfort of your home.  

Meet with Your Neuro Coach

Meeting with your certified Neuro Coach is an exciting part of your journey. 

Your coach will work directly with Dr. Trish Leigh on your case. Unlike traditional doctors who rush through brief appointments, Dr. Trish Leigh & Co. spend ample time considering your brain health as it relates to your life and then dedicating one-on-one time with you to give you a clear picture of how you can move forward. 

During this meaningful meeting, you and your coach can thoroughly discuss all the valuable information from your qEEG Brain Map, personal history, and other assessments. You will also be able to ask questions about your challenges and discuss your path to healing. 


Comprehensive Personalized Plan

Your coach will also provide you with a personalized coaching plan that is specific to your individual needs. 

Unlike traditional medicine which often just prescribes pills, we take a brain-body approach to healing the underlying issues that cause symptoms. 

We believe in the least toxic, most effective, customized solution based on your brain pattern.

Remote Neurofeedback and Coaching

Unlimited Remote Neurofeedback sessions are available to you using an app on your tablet or phone. Your coach will establish personalized protocols just for your brain’s needs. 

We use an online platform to consistently monitor your progress. We share with you important graphs that plot your brain improvements over time. You can see it with your own eyes as you feel the differences in your mind and body. Your skilled Neuro Coach, in 30-minute monthly meetings, will give you coaching strategies to hardwire the new, better brain pattern. 

Using high-tech equipment and expert advisement, you can create the greatest change in the least amount of time. 

Ongoing Follow-Up

Your highly trained coach will be able to recommend, based on your brain graphs, when it is time to reduce or discontinue your Neurofeedback Coaching program. 

When this important time comes, we can create a long-term follow-up plan to continue to assist in your brain health needs. You can consider us your lifelong family in brain health. We are here for you to provide ongoing assistance with brain training, coaching, nutritional supplements, stress reduction, and more. 

Together, we can keep you calm, focused, and feeling great for the rest of your life. 

Happier You.

When you have a better brain, everything is better. Truly, you have a better life. It really is that simple! Guess what gets better? Your work, grades, relationships, moods, outlook on life, and more. It is time to change your brain and your life. 

Are you ready? Let’s go!

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