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Heal Your Brain & Change Your Life.

Struggling with Chronic Illness, Anxiety, or Addiction?

Our unique 3×3 Brain Rewire method uses a cutting-edge neurofeedback to solve chronic health problems. We uncover the root cause of issues that are not discovered by traditional doctors.

Why Neurofeedback Coaching?

Stop Struggling to Find the Answers You Need

To find the solution, we believe it is critical to look at your brain in the context of your life, which includes neurological, biological, psychological, and social influences.

See our full client journey below. 

I'm Dr. Trish Leigh and I just want to say…

Thank you for taking a moment to learn more about how I can help you overcome critical brain-based challenges that drain your brain and energy.

Addiction, Anxiety, and Chronic Illness keep you stuck and in circles.

I have been where you are. I know how it feels and I want to help you break free and transform your life into what you’ve always wanted. 

Haven helped people rewire their brains for over 25 years, my toolbox is wide and deep. When I discovered Neurofeedback, everything improved for me and my clients. Built on neuroscience, my programs help you get the fastest results in the shortest amount of time. All online. No matter where you are located, I can help you shift to become the person you strive to be. 

It is time to move forward and create the life of your dreams. Let’s Go


At-Home Brain Rewire Neurofeedback Program

Top-tier technology and coaching at your fingertips for fast results.

Your Healing Journey

At Dr. Trish Leigh & Co. we take the guesswork out of solving your issues. 

Find out what your brain needs to heal. 

Rewire with Neurofeedback to eliminate symptoms.

Implement strategies to create lasting change.

Struggling with chronic issues can keep you in a downward cycle for a lifetime.

Overwhelmed, Lost, Suffering, Frustrated, and Feeling Hopeless.

Well… it doesn’t have to be that way. There is a reason for hope! 

We can help you create an upward spiral with high-tech. neuroscience. Don’t stay stuck. You deserve to live the life of your dreams.

The steps to our proven effective formula are below. Check them out now. 

Share Your Life Situation With Me.

First we have to figure out what is happening in your life situation. To do this, you will meet directly with Dr. Trish Leigh. 

She will help you understand how your brain performance impacts your mind and body. You will complete a detailed history about four key areas of your life – Neurological, Biological, Psychological, and Social. This important information, along with a full qEEG brain map and clinical assessments, will be reviewed by Dr. Leigh as an important part of your comprehensive evaluation. She will connect the dots between your brain, symptoms, behaviors, and more.  Then she will present the clear path forward. 

We want to know your story so we can help. 

qEEG Brain Mapping

Unlike traditional coaching or therapy that rarely looks at the brain, we use qEEG Brain Mapping to analyze the frequency and location of brain activity to assess and address your needs more accurately. 

See definitively how your brain is performing so you know the root cause of the issues with your mind and body. Through advances in technology, a full evaluation can be performed, by you, in the comfort of your home and then reviewed by Dr. Trish Leigh via an online meeting. 

All our services are easily accessible, and highly effective, from the privacy and comfort of your home.  

Remote Neurofeedback and Coaching

Unlimited Remote Neurofeedback sessions are available to you using an app on your tablet or phone. Dr. Trish Leigh will establish personalized protocols just for your brain’s needs. 

We use a professional online platform to monitor your progress consistently. We share with you important graphs that plot your brain improvements over time. You can see it with your own eyes as you feel the differences in your mind and body. In 30-minute monthly meetings, Dr. Trish Leigh will give you coaching strategies to hardwire the new, better brain pattern. Start living the life you deserve.

Using high-tech equipment and expert advisement, you can create the greatest change in the least amount of time. 

Comprehensive Personalized Plan.

Dr. Trish Leigh will provide you with a personalized coaching plan that is specific to your individual needs.

Unlike traditional medicine which often just prescribes pills, we take a brain-mind-body-spirit approach to address the underlying issues that cause symptoms. Dr. Trish Leigh will make sure you understand how your brain performance can be regulated and the roadmap to healing. An individualized Neurofeedback coaching program will be designed just for your needs for maximum results.

We believe in the least toxic, most effective, customized solution based on your needs.

Data Review & Support from Dr. Trish Leigh Each Month

Data is an important part of our program. Meeting with Dr. Trish Leigh is an exciting part of your journey to review your measurable brain improvements each month. 

Dr. Leigh will help you understand the plethora of information we glean from your Neurofeedback session data. You can see how your brain improves over time within and across sessions. In addition to meeting with Dr. Leigh, you will have a team on your side. This is very powerful for healing.

Unlike traditional doctors who rush through brief appointments, Dr. Trish Leigh & Co. spend ample time considering your brain health as it relates to your life and then dedicate one-on-one time with you to give you a clear picture of how to move forward at each step.

Ongoing Follow-Up

Dr. Trish Leigh will recommend a maintenance plan, when it is time to reduce or discontinue your Neurofeedback Coaching program. 

When this important time comes, we can create a long-term follow-up plan to continue to assist in your brain health needs. You can consider us your lifelong family in brain health. We are here for you to provide ongoing assistance with brain training, coaching, nutritional supplements, stress reduction, and more. 

Together, we can keep you calm, focused, and feeling great for the rest of your life. 

Happier You.

When you have a better brain, everything is better. Truly, you have a better life. It really is that simple! Guess what gets better? Your work, grades, relationships, moods, outlook on life, and more. It is time to change your brain and your life. 

Are you ready? Let’s go!

The First Step to a Successful Journey is Mapping It Out.

Discover the Benefits of Our Brain Rewire Assessment.

Brain Health Education  & Coaching-Amen Clinic Certified

At Dr. Trish Leigh & Co., we believe that knowledge is power. To that end we offer brain health education and coaching based on the programs created by the Amen Clinic, to teach you how to get and keep, your brain healthy. Brain Health is important for improved physical and mental performance.

We offer a variety of services, through our drug-free natural brain practices that have been proven to help people with all different kinds of brain-based challenges to feel and perform better every day. After substantial training under Dr. Daniel Amen of the world-renowned Amen Clinic, Dr. Trish Leigh has brought this wealth of knowledge to you.


Meredith Collins
Meredith Collins
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Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value Dr Leigh is fabulous and has been pivotal in me regaining my mental health through her education, coaching and application of technology. I was tired, worn out and pushing through on real 'grunt' power. After looking at my brain graphs (EEG) she could see that I had "anxiety brain". This was hugely helpful in that I realised I wasn't going mad! Through the regular contact, my commitment to quiet time each day (with Dr Leigh's support/encouragement/coaching) and retraining my brain, I feel much better. Where I was sleeping for around 3 or 4 hours a night and much of it spent waking, I am now sleeping at least 6 hours, in a row, each night. I've committed and done the daily work, but under the stewardship of Dr Leigh. The technology and brain science, getting graphs as feedback has been a real motivator too. If you have anxiety or depressive bouts, have a very busy brain or struggle to sleep, then this may be really helpful. Dr Leigh is energetic, walks her talk, positive and super smart! Thanks Dr Leigh - I feel like I've got a better handle on my life 🙂
Michael Williams
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I would just like to say that Dr. Trish Leigh and her liaison Jamie Watson are truly life savors. Their program is phenomenal and absolutely works! I contacted them several months ago in a desperate panic with all sorts of questions about what I was going through. They explained to me exactly what was going on and how to fix it. Until coming across this program I was terrified at what I had come to like after years of watching videos online. Truly the scariest moment of my life and meeting them and joining this program was an absolute blessing. I had no idea how horrible this habit could become. I strongly encourage everyone to stop now if they haven’t already because your future self will thank you. And to everyone who doubts the legitimacy of this addiction I understand because at first I was skeptical too. Who would’ve thought that simply videos on the internet have the potential to destroy someone’s life. But it’s all for real, every last bit. To anyone who joins this program listen to every word she says. Follow it, stay consistent, and you will succeed!
Barbara Mayer
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I am delighted to give feedback! Dr Leigh gave me some really stimulating ideas today. I am the granni for a family now numbering 28 souls and as an enneagram 5/6 I am hatching plans to share tips for being good to your brain with my big family when we travel to England in May-June. We have a bunch of busy minds in the gang. I continue to review the Control Your Brain videos and each time I glean more understanding. For the next while I won’t be subscribing to the coaching but I am absolutely committed to Neurofeedback as a way of life. It has made me a new person in 90 days and I intend to go further. As with so many areas of research today in our world I am convinced our Creator in His great love for humanity has released His truth about our design to us for our betterment. Everything I have encountered with Neurofeedback reminds me of scripture. So much, I could write a book! I am delighted to give feedback!
Ahlam Goda
Ahlam Goda
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I cant begin to explain how much working with Dr. Leigh has helped my father. He was diagnosed with early stage dementia and after two months of Neurofeedback with Dr. Leigh he has shown absolutely no symptoms of it at all and even after ending our subscription he continues to thrive! His anxiety and depression have also improved drastically! Highly recommend trying Neurofeed back with Dr. Leigh.
Dr. Tomek Pajak
Dr. Tomek Pajak
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I’ve greatly benefited from Dr. Trish Leigh’s information on Neurofeedback and brain training. She is very knowledgeable and professional and you can really tell she cares about when she’s working with you.
Noah Kahn
Noah Kahn
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Anxiety, ADHD, sensitivity, sensory overload, stimulation, nervous system dysregulation, for my whole life I haven't been aware enough of an underestimated these areas effects on my life. Which has led to some of the worst moments of my life; full-blown anxiety attacks, suicidal thoughts, depression, physical ailments, and beyond. By studying and mastering these areas, which Dr. Leigh has been profound in helping me do, I feel for the first time I'm gaining control over my life and well-being. And that what's wrong with me is no longer just genetic and a helpless cause or that I'm just crazy or "sensitive". Understanding brings peace, and Dr. Leigh and the probing and challenging from her programs (in combination with my commitment of course) has been one of the most significant people in helping me understand how my brain works so I can live the life I want.
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Thank you very much for enabling me to use Neurofeedback. I'm blessed to have worked with you. Your professionalism and your personalization is exceptional! Blessing to all that you do! Joan