Use EEG Biofeedback Training to Improve Your Life

If you want to improve your life, the number 1 way you can do so is through Brain Performance Optimization. You can use EEG Biofeedback training to improve your life by making your brain work better. Most people forget that their brain runs their entire body, mind and all.

How Can I Use EEG Biofeedback Training to Improve My Life?

Your Full Potential Neuro Training Program uses EEG Biofeedback as the main way to improve your nervous system. this is how it works. The headband that I send you reads your brain’s performance pattern. Then it gives you feedback through your ears, audio feedback, to tell you if your brain is in the “zone” of calm focus. If your audio feedback is chaotic, you are not in the zone. Thus, a chaotic brain pattern is one of stress, anxiety, addiction, lack of focus and more. When the sounds that you hear become calm and relaxed it is an indicator that your brain is focused and relaxed too. A relaxed brain has been associated with the highest levels of productivity. It also creates the best feelings.

How Does EEG Biofeedback Work?

In a sense what I will teach you is to use your brain sensing headband to achieve neuro meditation. Meditation has been shown to create calming effects in the brain. It works like this. When your brain is alert, calm, and ready to produce it is making mostly medium brain speed. The calm you feel comes from Alpha medium speed and the alertness from Low Beta. Both speeds are in the middle of the bandwidths of electrical energy in your brain. When you feel stressed, your brain is running too fast. It is using High Bet, extra fast, brain speed. When you feel exhausted and overwhelmed your brain is using too much extra slow speed, Theta.  The key to success is to learn to use the middle speeds all day, every day for lasting success.

Dr. Trish Leigh works mostly with high performing professionals who want to take their skills and life to the next level. I work with high performers who are struggling with anxiety, burn out, addictions of all kinds, and attention issues. Schedule a free consultation to see the fit is right for both you and me. Find out more about my Full Potential Neuro Training Program HERE.

What Tool Do I Use To Measure My Brain?

I am a HUGE fan of the Muse Calm Brain Sensing Headband. As such, I’ve been using it myself and recommending it to patients for years. I am so excited to have finally developed a specialized Neuro Training Program centered around using the Muse Calm Headband. I have the skills and knowledge to take your practice to the next level if you are a “Muser”. If not, I will show you how.

Join me for your personalized Neuro Training program. Not only will we have a ton of fun, but you will also end up a better version of yourself too. Find out all the elements that it includes HERE. Here is the shortlist:

  • EEG Biofeedback Brain Training (my fav)
  • Heart Rate Efficiency Training
  • Breathing Efficiency Training
  • Body Movement Efficiency Training
  • Sleep Efficiency Training
  • Personality Testing & Optimization (this is mindblowing)
  • Goal Setting & Realization

Let’s Do This. Let me help you #controlyourbrain

If you’d like a FREE consultation with Dr. Trish Leigh to see if this program feels like a good fit, schedule one HERE.


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