In-Office Neurofeedback vs. Home Neurofeedback

Today let’s talk about my one true love, Neurofeedback, specifically Home Neurofeedback. You know it is true love when this happens, true story, my hubby was going out to grab dinner with his friend and I invited myself along. Then I realized that we spend every waking, and actually all sleep, hours together and I should probably give the guy a break from me. So I texted him, “Sorry for inviting myself along, I will just see you when you get home.” He texts back, “I want you to come, as long as you don’t talk about Neurofeedback.” Too funny.

So, why do I talk about it all the time? One reason, because it is life-changing and anyone who is looking for a life-changing tool needs to know about it. Hence my mission. Help people find Neurofeedback so they can reach their full potential through controlling their brains. neurofeedback can turn a person’s life around from anxiety, addictions, ADHD, and more.

Today’s discussion is about in-Office Neurofeedback vs. Home Neurofeedback, the Pros, and Cons of each. So, check out the video blog and the list below to see which is a good fit for you.

In-Office Neurofeedback Program
1. Professional Research Grade Systems / All Types of Neurofeedback
2. Technician set up / All sessions are overseen by a doctor
3. Not in your home environment, can get better training – stronger changes, faster
1. Sessions more expensive – if you use home neurofeedback frequently (obviously still has strong value)
2. Must travel to the office which can be draining
3. Limited by resources (time, money & energy)
In Summary
Professional Grade Neurofeedback in the office is powerful and can effect strong change without you having to do anything.

At Home Neurofeedback Program

1. Easier on your resources – time, energy, money
No Travel
Unlimited package – Less expensive per session
*($16.67 per session if used daily)
2. Super easy set-up and very effective –
3. Sessions tracked by neurofeedback technicians and overseen by doctor
1. Can have some technical difficulties, especially early on in the process
2. No technician
3. Currently not as powerful or versatile as in-office neurofeedback
In Summary
Frequency can out weigh levels of service if training every day. Home Neurofeedback is an incredible value if you use it.

Ok, so if you are interested in Home Neurofeedback, we provide it through Leigh Brain & Spine and you can find all the information about it HERE. It is my sincere hope that you can control your brain to live the most amazing and joyful life possible.

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