Workshops designed to help you quit porn and heal your brain.

When the internet became popular, so did internet porn use.

As of May 2021, porn sites received more website traffic than Twitter, Instagram, Netflix, Pinterest, and LinkedIn combined.

Porn is a global problem with more than 100 billion video views a year to the top website only. That’s over 125 million daily visits to that one site only. Porn is a global problem with significant consequences. 

Scientific studies show that porn damages brain structures and impairs brain performance. The brain damage from porn increases anxiety, depression, divorce, erectile dysfunction, brain fog and much more. 

These workshops are designed to help you quit porn and heal your brain so you can thrive. They are dedicated to more specific topics than those found in the comprehensive 90-Day Program that is designed to give you a start-to-finish full strategy to quit porn. 

You will learn exactly what you need to know to quit porn and will have precise action steps to take immediately. This way you can begin to heal and thrive right away. Check out the courses now. 


Holidays with Out Porn

A digital course on how to stop watching porn so you can enjoy the holidays with Dr. Trish Leigh. If you do the exercises every other day, you will gain greater control and stay out of the screen. Then, moving into the new year, you're going to be right on track so that you can create the life you love.

Bonus: a brain-training lesson on how to control your brain with or without technology. Furthermore, if you have a Muse headband, you will receive a free brain check-in with our neuro coach!

$33 (JUST $1 PER DAY)

Quit Porn, Heal Your Brain, Have Great Sex

A digital course on how to stop watching porn so you can heal with Dr. Trish Leigh.

More Sun, Less Screens

A digital course to get out of the screen and into the world so you can enjoy your life w/Dr.Trish Leigh.

NNN 30-Day Challenge

A digital course to help you through a successful No PMO November Challenge.

$33 (JUST $1 PER DAY)‚Äč