ASMR Chiropractic Video: What Not to Watch.

Are ASMR chiropractic videos harmful to a porn reboot? Well, they are number one on the what not to watch list. I’m Dr. Trish Leigh. I’m here to help you learn what is healthy for you to watch on your reboot.

ASMR chiropractic videosĀ 

I’ve got to tell you when I found out that there are multiple channels with over a million subscribers being sucked into the ideology that those videos are teaching you about adjustments, or about the nervous system, about the spine. That is the hijacker tricking you into watching what is feasibly low-grade soft porn that is flying under the radar on youtube. And this one hits hard because chiropractic has been a major part of my life probably saved my nervous system honestly. Growing up I always had tons of neck pain tons of back pain then I met the love of my life, my hubs who’s a chiropractor. When I ranted in the kitchen to him about these videos he blew it off as you know sex sells but I said sex sells but should it be because people are being sucked into thinking that these are professional videos.

However, you know why you’re there you’re there for the dopamine hits and if you are rebooting your brain in the right direction you don’t want to give it what it wants. It wants the kool-aid, the kool-aid is that perfect release and flood of dopamine that your brain’s gotten used to. Unfortunately, these videos are giving it to you because of the way that they are constructed.



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If you’re interested in learning more about what videos to watch when you are rebooting your brain, then click the video linked above. However, if you’re ready to quit porn and get the support you need visit my website or youtube channel for more information about my programs.

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