Keeping Your Brain Young: How to Fight Dementia With Neurofeedback

As science advances the fight against dementia becomes easier. People want to live longer and healthier. However, the rate of dementia has increased, with 1 in 14 people over 65 developing it, and 1 in 6 over 80, according to the National Health Service. As dementia becomes more common, prevention and treatment methods are explored more and more. One of the best, proven methods is neurofeedback.

Neurofeedback rewires your brain and improves cognitive function and attention, which can help with dementia since it involves diminished cognitive functions.

Prevention and Treatment For Dementia

Neurofeedback can help prevent dementia if done regularly and delay its arrival significantly. Once dementia has set in, and parts of the brain are damaged, neurofeedback cannot fix these. However, it can strengthen other healthier areas of the brain, improving the condition overall.

An Ongoing Treatment

In patients who already have dementia, neurofeedback can help cognitive function, but only if done continuously and indefinitely. Much like medication, it has to be done constantly to keep up the effects, but the benefits are enormous.

How Neurofeedback Helps Your Aging Brain

Studies done show that patients who underwent neurofeedback treatment had stable cognitive functions after a series of sessions. These patients had improved their memory after neurofeedback, and were better at recognizing things as well. Patients were more able to focus and handle their attention.

Dr. Trish Leigh offers a five-lesson course in brain performance to prevent dementia. In the course, you can learn:

  1. How your brain should work to stay “young” even as you get older.
  2. How dementia affects your brain and leads to memory and thinking problems.
  3. How to improve your brain patterns to keep your mind sharp.
  4. How you can use your brain’s ability to change to create long-term, positive change.
  5. How using your screens (phone, laptop, TV) too much can hurt your brain as it ages, and what to do.


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