Mind Over Explicit Matter: Quit Porn and Improve Intimacy Through Neuroscience Book

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We live in a world where pornography use and hypersexuality have been normalized mainly by society. In a nutshell, sex sells. It always has. But what is different now is that it is everywhere, and people use it to reduce stress, inadvertently causing more. And the more you look, the more you find. Young and older adults are passively consuming content, including pornography, to entertain and titillate themselves constantly.

Unwiring, Rewiring, and Hardwiring the Brain: Mind Over Explicit Matter

The widespread consumption of porn has led to an addiction epidemic, primarily among men but increasingly among women. But the harmful impact of porn does not stop with the risk of addiction. With desensitized brains, porn users are more likely to objectify and dehumanize others and commit acts of sexual promiscuity, deviance, and violence. They are also more likely to suffer from low self-esteem, loneliness, anxiety, and depression. They are at twice greater risk of cheating on their partner, leading to heated breakups or divorce.

Meet Dr. Trish Leigh: A Cognitive Neuroscientist on a Mission

As a cognitive neuroscientist, board-certified neurofeedback doctor, and certified sex addiction recovery coach, Dr. Trish Leigh has dedicated her life to helping people heal their brains and overcome porn addiction. She has been a teacher, practitioner, and professional presenter for over 25 years. In her practice, she has helped thousands of men who suffer from porn addiction and its consequences.

In Mind Over Explicit Matter: Quit Porn and Improve Intimacy Through Neuroscience, Dr. Trish Leigh has taken the insights she has developed, combined with personal experiential stories and concrete “brain hack” activities, to help readers Unwire, Rewire, and Hardwire their brains to overcome porn addiction.

Included are how to:

  • Use the optimal electrical energy pattern and neurochemical cascade in the brain to avoid porn;
  • Tap into the brain’s innate neuroplastic healing capabilities to unwire its self-sabotaging habits;
  • Distinguish between healthy and unhealthy sexuality;
  • Avoid the dopamine-driven “easy-button lifestyle” conducive to porn overuse;
  • Process and understand thoughts, feelings, emotions, and internal monologue;
  • Break the cycle of shame and discomfort associated with porn addiction;
  • Avoid the slippery slope toward relapse;
  • Be intentional in thoughts and actions, create meaningful goals, and act upon them;
  • Rewire the brain using technology and permanently hardwire those changes through new, healthy behaviors;
  • Identify and develop a lifestyle of integrity for long-term success.

Millions of men, and increasingly more women, suffer from compulsive hypersexuality manifested primarily as porn addiction, and they are starting to seek help and treatment in droves. A demographic hungry for change is ready to take the necessary steps. Dr. Leigh hopes this book will allow her to reach and help even more of those in need, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

Stay tuned for the release of Mind Over Explicit Matter: Quit Porn and Improve Intimacy Through Neuroscience by Dr. Trish Leigh.

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