Nystagmus Treatment Exercises

Today let’s talk about nystagmus treatment exercises that are proven by science to help decrease your nystagmus and improve your vision. First, let’s cover a few basics from a different angle than you may have considered up until this point. As you may know, my framework is brain functioning. I look at challenges based on what is happening in the brain. Once I know what a brain is doing then I consider how we can improve brain performance. Brain performance can be improved in two ways: (1) directly at the level of the brain using brain-based therapies, or (2) by using your mind and body to improve the way the brain performs. With that being said, nystagmus is caused and made worse by the brain. Let me show you how. If you don’t want to read this, jump ahead and watch the video explanation I made below.

What Causes Nystagmus?

Nystagmus is involuntary eye movements. Usually, your eyes will move back and forth in an undesirable way when you don’t want them to. This movement impairs vision and is downright annoying to the person who suffers from it. Of course, I don’t have to tell you that if you have nystagmus. It has been shown to come from an irregular brain performance pattern. This is usually a brain that is using too much extra fast brain speed High Beta. High Beta is the speed associated with anxiety, stress, or overdrive. If you are a busy person with no time to relax and if you frequently feel stressed or on overdrive, this could be contributing to your nystagmus.

It also is related to too much extra slow brain speed Delta. Extra slow brain speed use increases with fatigue. However, too much Delta is related to any developmental delay such as ADHD, sensory processing disorders, or learning challenges. High amounts of Delta is also the culprit when it comes to neurodegenerative diseases and disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, dementia, and the like. Guess what? Delta use increases after a stroke, concussion, and head injury too.

How Can Nystagmus Be Improved?

Nystagmus can improve by refreshing and calming your brain. This can be done by Neurofeedback Brain Training. The best part is it now can be done from home. Neurofeedback is proven by science to improve how your brain is functioning. Basically, Neurofeedback decreases the use of Delta and High Beta in the brain and increases the use of what I call “perfect processing speed” to make the eyes become calm and focused. As an added benefit you will feel calmer and more focused too. Biofeedback exercises have been shown to add even more power to Neurofeedback therapy. Want to know how Neurofeedback Works? Click the link now.

Nystagmus Treatment Exercises

In conjunction with brain training, if you practice holding your eyes in a stable pattern and reward yourself auditorily after each attempt and success, your nystagmus will improve. These nystagmus treatment exercises are proven to help. Try this, hold your eyes steady and time yourself with a stopwatch. Get a friend to do it with you if you can. See how long you can hold a steady pattern. Reward yourself for the longest time on the first day. Then, the next day, try again. If you are able to hold it longer, reward yourself again. This can be a high five to your friend, a cup of coffee when you get done, or anything that will make you feel good. This is how neuroplasticity works. With daily tries and greater success, you will begin to establish a positive feedback loop.

Medical News Today suggests other eye exercises that you might find helpful to improve your vision. Neurofeedback brain training helps make other exercises have a powerful impact on your goals. Remember above, it is a two-way street. If you train your brain to use a better pattern, then you do exercises with your eyes, your nystagmus may get better faster and with greater ease.

How Do I Know If My Brain is Involved in My Nystagmus?

It’s easy, you have an evaluation. Now it is even easier than ever because evaluations can be done from home. My husband and our awesome team at Leigh Brain & Spine can perform a full qEEG Brain Map evaluation in the office. We can also perform an evaluation at home using our Brain Shift Home Neurofeedback program. For this program, I am your Neuro-Coach and it is my great pleasure to help you get your brain on track and get back to living your best life.

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