How Neurofeedback Works.

Do you wonder how Neurofeedback works? It is simple.

I get the same question all the time when it comes to Neurofeedback Therapy. “How does Neurofeedback work?” Then when I provide an answer, people are still confused. Many people say it again, “I don’t get how Neurofeedback works!”

The concept seems difficult to comprehend when applied to brain performance, but it easy to understand if you think about it in a different way. When applied it to any other type of learning, it actually becomes simple to understand. The same techniques are used all the time to modify behaviors. In fact, you have probably done it yourself many times without even knowing.

Ok, here is how Neurofeedback works, hopefully within an easy explanation. It is all Science and it is fantastic. At the heart is a principle called Operant Conditioning. It is subtle, but works tremendously.

What is Operant Conditioning?

When it come to Neurofeedback Training, the brain is provided feedback about its performance. This is so that it can learn to improve its processing speed. Neuroscience has proven that there is an optimal brain pattern. The optimal pattern is one of perfect processing speed for thinking and staying calm and focused. Being in “The Zone” essentially.

ADHD has been scientifically proven to be too much use of slow brain processing speed int he frontal lobe of the brain. When a person with ADHD receives Neurofeedback, the brain is rewarded, through positive feedback, when it makes more of the perfect processing speed.

Anxiety has been discovered to be the use of too much extra fast processing speed across brain regions. When the person is on the Neurofeedback system and their brain is calmer, more relaxed and using a bit slower perfect processing speed it is rewarded through feedback.

Neurofeedback works by providing the feedback in visual and auditory modes to the brain. This occurs in the form of brightening and dimming of the screen, louder sounds, or if playing a game, more points. So essentially it takes two main things to make Neurofeedback work: consistent positive and negative feedback, and time.

Two Things that Make Neurofeedback Work:

  1. Consistent, timely positive and negative feedback
  2. Time

Here is how Neurofeedback works and I encourage you to try it. If you want your friend to wear more green shirts you can do it by training his brain. Every time your friend wears green, tell him how beautiful his eyes look in that color and touch him tenderly across the shoulders as you compliment his shirt. tell him green is his color.

Every time your friend wears any color besides green don’t comment on his clothes at all, imply that the color makes him look fat or pale, and lastly tell him how great he looks in green. If you consistently do this, in no time he will be wearing more green. Science, baby.

Neurofeedback Therapy can help you. Check out all the technical details at Leigh Brain & Spine.

how neurofeedback works

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