Sexless Relationship: Why It Happens and Why It Won’t Work

A sexless relationship why it’s happening, likely why it won’t work, and what to do about it. Let’s break it down, so if you have been consuming pornography frequently, consistently, and with increasing intensity. And if you’ve been doing that for a long time it is in fact showing up in your sexual behaviors. This means it’s showing up sexually in your relationship.



Why your relationship may turn sexless?

This is because a healthy woman does not want to be treated as an object and this goes for all partners. But I’m going to keep it at men mostly consume pornography and women are mostly partners. Of course, it goes for everybody.


What happens if you are objectifying women on the screen?

If you’re doing that frequently and consistently. You’re looking at people’s bodies using them for objects of dopamine release to take away the pain and to give you seeming pleasure. What happens is that falls out in how you interact with your partner. Except for we know from the science that it won’t match up to the amounts of dopamine that you’re getting from the screen and from masturbation. So now it is a second-hand experience that is being felt by your partner when you are interacting with them.

Then secondly what happens so often is what you see on the screen is what you want to happen when you are interacting with your partner. But it’s not, so you may try to get it to happen and it’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Honestly, this is part of recovery too is backing this whole thing out. While you’re with your partner you’re trying to get what you want and what you usually get from the screen. But then you’ll try to come back and actually be present mentally with your partner. However, you’ll kind of go back to the fantasy and what you really want because that’s what your brain is conditioned to need to be able to become the most aroused. So you need intensity to be able to get to where you want to go this is all being felt by your partner.


More information

If you’re interested in learning more about sexless relationships and why they won’t work, then watch the video linked above. However, if you are ready to quit porn then visit my youtube channel or website to find a program that’s right for you.

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