Discover the #1 Thing to overcome ADHD

If you are someone who is struggling with ADHD, you have come to the right place. Dr. Leigh knows the most effective techniques to overcome this condition that limits your life in certain areas. 

Let’s delve into alternative treatments to conquer ADHD beyond medication. Dr. Trish Leigh has worked with numerous individuals struggling with ADHD, and I’m passionate about exploring effective solutions. Here’s what you need to know:

Medication Isn’t the Only Answer to Overcome ADHD:

While medication is commonly prescribed for ADHD, it’s essential to recognize that alternative treatments exist. These approaches aim to address the root causes of ADHD and provide long-term solutions.

Alternative treatments have made significant advances in people with this condition, which have improved their quality of life and conquer ADHD.

Neurofeedback and Brain Mapping:

Dr. Leigh refers to ADHD as a neurodevelopmental disorder, which is a whole new hopeful perspective that leads you to understand that it is something that can be treated  using neuroscience.

Cutting-edge technology, such as quantitative electroencephalography (qEEG) brain mapping, can assess brain function. 

By visually mapping brain patterns with Neurofeedback treatment, we can identify excessive theta (slow speed) and low beta (fast processing) associated with ADHD. Understanding these patterns allows us to tailor treatments effectively.

  1. Theta-to-Beta Ratio:

    • ADHD often involves an imbalance between theta and beta brainwaves.
    • Excessive theta brainwaves lead to difficulty focusing, attention, and impulse control.
    • Low beta affects motivation and task completion.
  2. Non-Medication Therapies:

    • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and neurofeedback are promising alternatives.
    • Lifestyle changes, like exercise and dietary adjustments, can complement treatment.
    • Elimination diets may help identify food triggers.
  3. Individual Variability:

    • ADHD exists on a spectrum, and symptoms vary widely.
    • Personalized approaches are crucial.

Conquering The Gap:  

The core of the approach focuses on the “theta-to-beta ratio,” which reflects the imbalance between slow and fast brainwave activity in ADHD. The goal is to “conquer this gap” to improve focus, attention, and executive function.

ADHD is an imbalance and a gap between the Alpha and Beta waves. The gap is so large that it is very difficult to go from one state to another, which prevents you from concentrating or doing tasks more quickly. The closer that ratio is, the closer the possibility of overcoming ADHD.

Measurable Progress to conquer ADHD:

The program claims to provide real-time feedback through progress graphs, allowing you to track the closure of “the gap” and witness your brain improving.

Taking Control of Your Brain and Overcome ADHD

It empowers you to control your brain and overcome ADHD symptoms. Medication is presented as a potential option but not the only path.

Don’t Guess at Progress, See It! Neurofeedback Makes Overcoming ADHD Measurable.

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