Brain Training: How Your Brain Uses Energy?

In this video, Dr. Trish Leigh discusses how your brain uses energy and how it translates to the electromagnetic field around your body. Our bodies give off energy and that energy can resonate at different frequencies. Some are low and others are high. However, low frequencies repel people and opportunities. High-frequency energy around us and our electromagnetic field attract us. 


How does your brain use energy?

Your brain uses three primary types of speed and you may have heard me talk about this before. There’s fast energy that causes excessive thinking and rumination. Then on the other side is slow energy that helps you fall asleep and stay asleep. Therefore, it should only be highly activated when you are falling asleep. The other speed that your brain could use is calm focus and this speed helps you focus. 

How does that translate into your life?

The way your brain is using energy then translates into an electromagnetic field around your body because our cells are dipuls. Our brain cells are little magnets that have a positive and negative end of the attraction. So think of yourself as a tiny magnet and those magnets can resonate at different frequencies. If your brain is using energy well then it corresponds to a higher frequency around your body. However, when your brain is using these speeds in the extremes it corresponds to a lower electromagnetic field. 


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