The Importance of Self-Expression

Self-expression can be a key to happiness. But, it is hard to be yourself, really BE yourself. It shouldn’t be hard, but it is. Science shows that we feel the need to conform to our society, whether that be our family, our neighborhood, or our government, due to the different types of pressures that we feel and the outcomes that we get.

Dr. Heejung Kim states that “Self-expression is a notion that is closely associated with a horde of positive concepts, such as freedom, creativity, style, courage, self-assurance, and even healing and spirituality. The freedom of speech symbolizes one’s ultimate freedom to be oneself.”

Let’s break this down a bit.

Creativity: There is only one you. Quiet your mind and discover if you are being that version that you want to be. Are you expressing the burning desire that is within you? The creative aspects that are innately within you are your gifts.

When you express your gifts, you are in alignment with yourself for the highest version of self-expression.

Style: Are you flamboyant? Do you always wear black, like me? Which ever suits you, do it. Don’t wear what you think you should wear, wear what you like. I love being with people who are authentically expressing their sense of style, which is so different from comfortable black garb. My quirky daughter Aoife, who is destined for greatness, shops thrift and clearance rounders to find the strangest clothes out there. She calls these venues “Aoifeland”. The clothes no one else wants to wear. And guess what, she rocks them with confidence. Rock your style with confidence.

Self-Assurance: Let’s re-visit creativity and style above. Once you have discovered the most authentic version of yourself, have the self-assurance to be it. If you are an accountant who deep-down inside wants to be a social worker, do it. Have the courage to express that inner desire. It was put there for a reason. It will make you happy. People tell us all the time that we live well. We do. It is because we are doing what makes us happy.

Healing: When you are expressing yourself, the real you that is in there, you are at ease. Ease is the polar opposite of dis-ease, disease. Alignment with self-expression provides healing. If something is off with me physically or mentally, I look for the misalignment and rectify it. Then I feel better. Express your authentic self and be healed.

Spirituality: Connection to your higher power has been proven by science (I know this feels like and oxymoron, it’s not) to help people express themselves and stay at ease. Stay connected and stay at ease, be your best self.

Speech: Lastly, don’t be afraid to speak your truth. Honestly, I am still working on this one. Gently and lovingly communicating difficult ideas, concepts, and resolving conflicts can be challenging. I am working on speaking my truth to stay at ease. A work in progress, I find myself growing with each win. Continue your growth by speaking your truth, lovingly and gently, of course.


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