Making Everything Sexual

Making everything sexual: harassment or in good fun. I’m Dr. Trish Leigh, let me answer that question for you. In this video, we are going to talk about three things number one why you make everything sexual, it might not be what you think it is. Number two what’s happening in your brain that makes you want to make everything sexual and then what it’s doing to your brain when you do. And number three what you can do instead so that you can start establishing¬†healthy sexuality and get away from hyper-sexuality.



Why are you making everything sexual?

If you’re a person who sexualizes your partner or wife in the kitchen while she’s tending to dinner and children. If you go to the gym and you can’t stop googling other women who are working out. If at the grocery store you are checking people out, then you go to dinner and you can’t take your eyes of the waitress there is a reason. now we’re going even further, maybe you’re the type of person who makes the sexual jokes all the time that will take it even one step further. Let me tell you why you’re doing that. Your brain is looking for domapine hits. So we know from brain science that when you are involved in the consumption of pornography your brain gets this massive flood or bath of dopamine at the moment. And actually, it will stick around for a while remember I can see into people’s brains. So I can see exactly what’s happening on the brain training graphs before they have pornography consumption sessions before they get a session going.


What’s happening in your brain?

The pattern that has too much fast speed slow speed and then after a porn session that brain is numbed out it is bathed in dopamine. But when you go back to the world where there’s not as much dopamine and actually what happens is there’s a B effect to your porn session. Meaning that dopamine goes low cortisol goes high and you go into the world where you can’t find dopamine your brain is screaming for a dopamine hit. And the way that it gets it is through sexualization of other people or comments of storylines of jokes. So the way that your brain gets those hits is in the kitchen your making breakfast for five children and your brain’s going wow this is very low dopamine-producing activity maybe what I can do is make a sexual comment to my wife and that gives you a little hit of dopamine. So anyways it can be very low dopamine-producing especially if you have a pornography habit.



More information

If you’re interested in establishing healthy sexuality, then click the video linked above. However, if you’re ready to get the help you need to quit porn visit my website or youtube channel for programs so you can start your porn brain reboot journey.

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